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Harajuku Fashion

Are you looking for something different and unique? Then Harajuku clothing/fashion is the right style for you!

Have you been following Japanese street fashion for years? Do you want to incorporate it into your style but don't know where to look? Are you eager to express your individuality but not quite sure which items to pick?

We're here to help you by offering all Japanese street clothing in one place without sacrificing quality! Your job is only to buy the items you like and start playing dress-up! With Harajuku fashion anything works out, so you don't have to worry about looking "weird" or like a ten-year-old!

Now you can shop online at low prices! The style has no limits, so you can play with your look as much as you want! The only limit is your imagination, so have fun, shop and mix and match.

The word Harajuku can simply be translated to mean” meadow lodging.” Although Harajuku fashion dates back to the postwar Allied occupation of Japan, where it was pioneered by American civilians and soldiers, it has been around since the early '80. However, it became popular in the West in the early 2000s. It is named after the Harajuku station in Tokyo, the center of all the street fashion craze among the youths. Within no time, high-end fashion designers started setting up shops in Harajuku. And by the 1970s, the area had grown tremendously as a popular shopping destination.

Harajuku clothing is a high fashion avant-garde mix of Western and Japanese fashion influences (such as kimonos). It is a movement that goes against the strict societal rules and any pressure that pushes one to stick to the usual standards and patterns. While many trends may come and go, this fashion still stands out as a style that can be worn by anybody looking to have fun with different outfits. The style has no rules, no age limits, and is all about self-expression. Key elements are pastel hair, funky plastic jewelry, colorful tutus, and, most importantly, a big smile!


Harajuku fashion on RebelsMarket

We sell Harajuku tops, dresses, pants, apparel that you can play with and incorporate into your daily looks. Stuffed animals, leopard prints, pastel hair, piercings, neon colors, tutu skirts, platform shoes, hair bows, and frilly socks are some of the Harajuku clothing/fashion essentials. Crazy colors or all black - it's up to you!

We carry the latest Japanese street fashion trends, so check back regularly and keep your style funky and fresh! We also have regular sales, so you may save money while looking amazingly creative and unique! Remember, the only rule is to have fun!

From colorful gyaru styles to all black gothic lolita, you can be sure that we have it all under one roof! Shop Harajuku clothing/fashion at RebelsMarket, stop caring what others think, and do you! Break all the rules, have fun, and don't take yourself too seriously!


Here are some Japanese Street Fashion Styles:

  • LolitaGothic Lolita is inspired by dark victorian fashion, with key elements such as knee-length skirts with petticoats, ruffled blouses, knee-high socks, and top hats.

Sweet Lolita is childlike and inspired by fairy tales. The key elements include pastel colors, head bows, and curly hair.

Punk Lolita (pretty much self-explanatory) is a mix of punk fashion elements such as ties, plaid, and animal prints and lolita silhouettes such as frilly skirts.

  • Decora is probably the funkiest one of them all. It consists of layers of colorful jewelry and accessories, neon, and baby pink colors, tutus, ponytails, bangs, but also leopard prints and dental masks. It is also very popular in the rest of the world.

  • Visual kei has been around since the mid-'80s and is characterized by asymmetrical haircuts with layers, unusual makeup, androgyny and generally costumes inspired by glam rock and glam metal.

  • Oshare Kei is the most cutting-edge style with punk elements such as piercings, but the makeup is a bit more toned down than visual kei makeup.

  • Gyaru (ganguro) is characterized by crazy neon-colored outfits, miniskirts, heels, fake eyelashes, long, usually bleached, hair, and dark tan.

Now that you're familiar with Japanese street clothing, you can choose one that fits your style and interests, and start shopping and having fun! Don’t be left out. Shop today to get 10% off your first order plus free shipping!