Hair Accessories

Having a revamp of your alternative hair accessories game is an excellent way to begin if you’re after a low-key update. The revival of cute women’s hair accessories has been met with little resistance. This is probably because hair accessories can easily transform a look, are affordable, and add a little extra to your look. RebelsMarket has a collection of cute hair accessories, from boho accessories, bows, and headbands to scrunchies and clips. Complement any casual look with the perfect accessory that suits your style and preferences. But before you shop for a hair accessory, here are some tips that will come in handy.

What to look out for when shopping for hair accessories   

(1). Types of hair accessories to buy today

  • Alternative hair clips- There are various hair clips, all designed with the same purpose: to keep hair pulled back out of your face and in style. Hair clips range from tiny pieces that are ideal for holding a baby’s hair to larger alligator clips designed to hold a whole ponytail. Examples of hair clips you can go for include skeleton hands, black gothic rose clips, skull, and hair bone clips.   

  • Barrettes- They are generally smaller than clips, which makes them ideal for holding the hair on the side of your head. Barrettes can be worn in different ways depending on size and the overall look you want for your hair. There are very short barrettes that you can use to pull back little bits of hair around the face, while bigger ones can be used to pull back the majority of hair.

  • Headbands are worn either on top of the head or around the forehead, and while they may be worn for decorative purposes, their main purpose is to keep hair away from the face or eyes. Commonly, headbands are made of a single loop of elastic material that stretches over the head and fits snugly in place. Other types of headbands are made of pieces of flexible plastic or metal. These types will slip over the top of the head, and will generally keep their shape. The headbands you can go for include cat ears, rabbit ears, and a  gothic red rose headband with black ribbons. 

  • Hairpins- They are generally 5-9 inches and also used to keep the hair in a bun or other updo. There are two main types: the ones that are made out of a single piece of material, and the ones bent in half to form a crook. Straight pins are also called hair sticks. We have a variety of hairpins such as devil horns, punk bones, kawaii cat ears, punk eyeball bows, as well as black roses with feathers.

  • Elastics and ties- They are a fixed tie that can stretch to fit around the hair and help to hold it in place. Rubber elastics are the most popular due to their elasticity. Rubber elastics are also inexpensive and very easy to use compared to clips and barrettes.

  • Ribbons- Ribbons can be used at the end of braids to add a little design and color to the hairstyle, hold back hair from the face, and as an embellishment. They are slick, and may not be the best idea to hold hair tightly in place.     

(2). How to choose hair accessories according to your head shape

  • Oval shape: If you have an oval shape, then all accessories can look good on you as they will define your face and fit just fine.

  • Round face- Go for an accessory that adds length to your face as opposed to making it look rounder. Also, allow a few hair strands to fall on your face to help in face-framing. 

  • Heart-shaped face- For this shape, try combs or pins on one side of the head. This will frame your face perfectly as one side of the hair will be loose. 

  • Long face-If you have a long face; I’d recommend going for a headband that will make the forehead look smaller while diverting the attention to your eyes. 

  • Square face- For a square face, make sure that your hair is pulled back tightly, for whatever hair accessory you choose as this will define your features more.

(3). How to choose hair accessories according to material

  • Metal- Metal is a popular material that is likely to last for a very long time before being damaged. The only disadvantage is that it can get bent out of shape and eventually break.
  • Plastic- It is also popular and also easily available. Since the color is part of the plastic and not painted like other materials, you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off or fading. Plastic hair accessories are incredibly durable, although they can still break if mishandled.

  • Wood- This is a natural material in color and design and has a gorgeous grain running through them, which improves the beauty of a hairstyle. As long as the wood is well-taken care of through regular oiling, it should last for a long time without drying or splintering. 

  • Rubber- Rubber is durable, incredibly stretchy, and can do a great job holding back the hair without damaging it. Go for elastics that don’t have metal in them as they can snag your hair.  


For a casual occasion, go for jaw clips and pair with jeans and a cute top when heading to the mall or a day out with friends. For formal occasions, updo hairstyles styled with jaw clips can pair well with a black dinner dress. If you feel like doing a ponytail for a formal occasion, go for elastics or ribbons.  For buns and chignons, go for floral accessories for special occasions, because the updo will show off your neck, cheekbones, and shoulders even when paired with a cute skater skirt and boots. You can also make a casual bun by simply pulling out some hair for a messy effect.

With these tips, you can now get yourself hair accessories that suit your style and preference. RebelsMarket has you covered on whatever accessory you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of accessories at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.