Men's Jodhpur Boots

Boot season is already here, and you don't want to be caught unawares. It is the perfect time to add the men’s jodhpur boots to your shoe closet staple. The jodhpur boot is an equestrian riding boot with a low heel and a rounded toe. They were initially fastened with a buckle and strap. However, the ones of today feature elastic-sided designs with straps. They are the perfect choice for casual daily riding.

The History of the Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpur riding boots can be traced back to India, where local polo riders first wore them in the 1920s. The pair started trending in the Western World. This trend, therefore, prompted Saks Fifth Avenue to start selling them. 

Before the invention of  Jodhpur pants, men’s buckskin breeches were designed to be worn with boots that extended slightly below the knee. After their invention, wearing tall riding boots was no longer necessary. 

The invention of jodhpur boots was beneficial in many ways. First, they were generally affordable as compared to the taller ones. In addition to that, they were also easier to wear as they were of a shorter length compared to tall riding boots.

 Features Found on Jodhpur Boots

Men’s Jodhpur boots have distinctive features. some of these features are;

  •  They are of ankle-length with rounded toes and low heels.

  • Additionally, they are fastened with a buckle and strap that wrap around the ankle. The straps have two parts, with each piece attached to the vamp, then passed through a loop at the back of the boot.

  • They have two parts, each made from a single piece of high-quality leather, the quarters, and the vamp. The vamp is, however, sewn on the quarters.

  • While one free end of the strap is attached to the outboard side of the boot, the buckle side of the strap is attached to the inboard side and extends halfway around the ankle.

You may also come across other versions with straps that do not wrap entirely around the ankle. This version may also have a buckling length that is shorter than the free side.

How to Wear Jodhpur boots

Traditionally associated with horseback riding, jodhpur boots are at par with the modern chukka and Chelsea boots. The boots' low heel and close fit make them a perfect pair for different occasions and seasons.

How to Dress Men’s Jodhpur Boots In Formal Occasions

Having trouble dressing for formal occasions? Then here are a few suggestions based on color shade and material;

  •  If you have a pair of leather Jodhpur boots in brown, black, or burgundy, then consider acquiring closet regulars like odd jackets and trousers with neutral colors.

  • For dark-colored or suede shades, you can opt for a pair of dark denim.

 How To Dress Jodhpur Boots In All Seasons

Jodhpur boots cannot be worn all year round. They can, however, be styled differently depending on seasons. For the winter season, for instance, you can choose to walk around in a dark brown or black pair. For early Spring, you can comfortably wear shades like light brown or tan jodhpurs with ripped jeans. Additionally, you can dress down the medium brown or suede ones with skinny blue jeans during Autumn.

For a streetwear look, pair with chino pants or straight-legged jeans. You can also create a single cuff for the jeans by just folding them. I’d also recommend not wearing your jodhpur boots with baggy trousers as they do not compliment the sleek look of the boots. Jodhpur boots for men come in laced, paddock style and pull-on or zippers. When worn with chaps or trousers, they are a smart choice for any rider.

How to Maintain Jodhpur Boots

If you want your leather Jodhpurs to last longer, you have to take good care of them. Here are a few items that will help you out.

  •  Saddle Soap- Use saddle soap to remove dirt before applying shoe polish.

  • Shoe Polish - You will also need shoe polish to buff the boots into a shine.

  • Boot bag - How do you intend to store them when not in use? Well, it is high time you acquired a boot bag. Proper storage will not only reduce drying but will also protect the leather from absorbing excess moisture.

You can never go wrong with Jodhpur boots as they come in handy in different seasons. When paired with half chaps, they are perfect for schooling as they don’t have laces that could get in the way. Grab yourself a pair from RebelsMarket and pay only half of the manufacturer’s price. Order now while stock lasts.


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