Vegan Boots

High-quality vegan leather boots are made from a  variety of synthetic fibers. These synthetics include plastic-based materials such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and natural materials like cork.

Vegan/pleather/faux leather comes in many different forms and qualities. Although synthetic leather may look a lot like real leather, there are several differences.

 (1). Difference in Appearance

When it comes to making vegan leather boots for women and men, the synthetic leather used is processed then treated. Treating the finish helps stimulate appearance. Real leather is left untreated, which makes it pure.

 (2). Durability

The durability of leather depends on factors like material and maintenance. For instance, suede is real leather, but it needs more maintenance due to its soft material. Traditionally, genuine leather is more durable than faux. That is why you'll find heavy-duty footwear like work boots being crafted from real leather. 

Pleather leather is more difficult to judge as there are many variants. The longevity of the PU leather also depends on how you handle it.

(3). Do you want an affordable alternative?

Vegan is a cheaper alternative to real leather.

(4). Differences in Maintenance

Cruelty-free options are covered with a plastic coat which makes them waterproof and easy to clean. Real leather needs regular maintenance like conditioning and regular cleaning to prolong its life.


How to Style 

When it comes to footwear for men, environment-friendly fashion statements are a valuable wardrobe addition. Not only are they versatile, but comfortable too.

A pair (or two) of combat shoes can effortlessly take you from work to the weekend. The pair can also match your semi-formal and smart casual outfits. Let us first familiarize ourselves with the different styles available. 

(1). Ankle Boots

For a smart-casual look, pair mens dress ankle boots with tight-fitting blue jeans, a button-up shirt, and a blazer. To achieve a  men’s casual look, rock your pair with khaki trousers and a simple t-shirt.  

(2). Chelsea Boots

Faux Chelsea boots have a unique appearance that makes them perfect for both formal and casual occasions. To wear brown or suede shades casually, try pairing with jeans, a short-sleeved t-shirt, jacket, or roll neck sweater. For a smart style kind of look, go for colors like burgundy or black and dress them in a suit.

(3).  Combat Boots

Do you want to look tough in your outfit? Why not go for combat vegan shoes for men? They not only add a rugged touch to your look but are also perfect for weekend outings and casual outfits. Go ahead and pair with heavy-duty fabrics like dark denim or a leather jacket. 


You can also pair them with a belted denim dress or opt for a leather skirt-and-jacket duo. Try out a patterned stocking under your leather skirt. Remember to bundle up in a warm parka fur coat.

(4). Biker Boots

Do you know that vegan biker boots are an excellent addition to your wardrobe? For the perfect outfit, team them up with a vintage style t-shirt and skinny black jeans. If you want to achieve a biker look, you can throw on a black moto jacket. Try this look, and you'll be ready for a typical weekend look or a night out at the bar.   

(5). Work Boots

Who said that faux work boots for men and women are just for the construction site? Dress them down with a new pair of slim-fit dark blue jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and you will be set.

(6). Lace-Up Boots

Whether worn in leather or suede, brown or black, these pair well with a range of outfits. Their slim nature makes them the perfect go-to wear, especially when worn with straight leg trousers and a black sleeveless top. Top this look off with a studded shoulder bag. For men, pair with slim-leg trousers, plaid shirts, and printed pullovers.

How Should They Fit?

You should always ensure that your shoes fit you right. That said, when trying on your pair, make sure your feet feel snug. You should also be able to move your ankles and feet without any trouble. If you want to be sure that they aren’t too small, try fitting one finger behind your heel.


How to Store 

If you want your vegan boots to last longer, then proper storage is necessary. Clean your shoes, dry them, and stuff the insides with shoe trees or paper. Stuffing the shoes will help hold their shape even when not in use. Don't forget to store them in an upright position.

Are the above tips on styling your vegan leather boots for men and women useful? Be sure to shop a few pairs from RebelsMarket.


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