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Vegan Clothing

Nowadays, consumers have ditched fur, wool, and leather and have opted for vegan clothing for women and men. Many fashion brands have started producing affordable closet pieces that can suit anyone’s style. 
Synthetic or pleather, for instance, has been around for some time now and is undoubtedly vegan-friendly. Other environment-friendly options include muskin from mushrooms, pinatex from pineapple leaves, and pellemela from dehydrated apple peels.

Vegan Clothing Options

(1). Jackets

Vegan jackets can instantly transform your basic everyday outfit into a ruggedly stylish look. They create a look that is effortlessly cool and timeless. They also look great on men and women of any age. 
Whether you go for a motorcycle, bomber, racer, or trucker jacket, opt for a style that best suits you. Add a sharp look to your outfit by wearing a simple T-shirt and skinny jeans. For an everyday look, wear a button-down shirt, slacks, and throw on a PU jacket.

(2). Corsets

Over the years, women have opted for corsets as a sexy transparent lingerie , gothic lingerie staple. Created from very strong fabric, these sexy pieces are layered with waist tapes for the perfect cleavage. When it comes to styling, one can choose to wear it singly or on top of dresses or blouses. 
With them coming in a range of patterns, such as scooped and sweetheart necklines, you have a wide range of options. Get yourself a steampunk detailed corset, pair it with your jeans and use a black blazer as a cover-up. You can also choose to throw on a cardigan or coat, and you'll be ready to hang out with the girls.

(3). Boots

When it comes to footwear for men, high-quality vegan boots are a valuable wardrobe addition. Not only are they versatile but comfortable and stylish. A pair (or two) can effortlessly take you from work to the weekend. They can also match your semi-formal and smart casual outfits. Chelsea boots, for instance, have a unique appearance perfect for both formal and casual occasions. 
To wear brown or suede Chelsea boots casually, try pairing with jeans, a short-sleeved t-shirt, jacket, or a roll-neck sweater. 
For the perfect outfit, team your faux biker boots with a vintage style t-shirt and skinny black jeans. If you want to achieve a biker look, you can throw on a black moto jacket. Try this look, and you'll be ready for a typical weekend look or a night out at the bar.
Whether worn in leather or suede, brown or black, vegan lace-up boots pair well with a range of outfits. Their slim nature makes them the perfect go-to wear, especially when worn with straight leg trousers and a printed sleeveless top. Top this look off with a canvas tote bag. For men, pair with slim-leg pants, plaid shirts, and striped pullover.

(4). Pants

Faux leather pants have become an increasingly popular fashion item over the years. They are not only known to offer versatility but durability also, especially when well handled. The good thing about vegan pants is that they guarantee an unmatched level of style. 
Whether you are running errands in your hometown, exploring a new city, or hanging out with your girls, you can never go wrong with a pair. Besides, they cut across all genders. 
For a weekend look, you can tuck in everything, from a button-down shirt to a white short-sleeved tee. Leather pants for women look great when paired with contrasting fabrics like denim jackets. Black vegan pants for men can be worn with combat boots or loafers.

(5). Women’s Intimates

RebelsMarket deals in soft and comfortable women’s intimates suitable for all shapes and sizes. We also carry alternative styles like goth clothing, punk rock fashion, and steampunk, that will suit your personality. You'll find just the perfect bras, panties, sexy lingerie, period panties, and garters.

(6). Coats

Do you have your insulated vegan coat ready for Winter? Simple coats for men and women come in various styles that will suit your preference. Get yourself a long coat from RebelsMarket and wear it over your black LBD, jeans, and suits. 

(7). Skirts

Vegan skirts are a classy option for an everyday look. For a fresh casual look, pair your check coat with a black mini skirt and lace-up platform ankle boots.  For a night out, opt for canvas sneakers.  For a more feminine look, wear heeled shoes or decorative sandals.


Vegan clothing does not compromise on warmth and durability. Vegan coats, for instance, are not only cozy but classy too. They are also an environment-friendly option compared to leather. Keep scrolling through our page to find affordable options for men and women to match your wardrobe.