Boho Jewelry

Unique and memorable, don’t even cut it with our boho jewelry collection from RebelsMarket, your go-to place for alternative fashion. It’s no surprise that boho fashion has been growing in popularity in recent times. You’re sure to have noticed people are starting to wear simple loose clothes of colorful and single thread fabrics or jewelry with earthy and natural themes. Boho style is both eye-catching and adds taste to any look.

Boho is short for Bohemian and is a style that has been around for over two centuries. The central concept of boho is to feel free, open, and natural. A kind that is the opposite of restraint as it focuses on the expression of oneself and individuality. Get your unique piece of bohemian clothing for women today, and be free to express yourself in your look. 

Our jewelry collection features boho earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and body jewelry items such as toe rings and nipple rings. Each item’s variety and quality are geared towards you, the shopper, to get value for your investment. Not only that, but also that you get to choose the piece that suits your various alternative looks. 

Whether it is your wedding day, a casual midday outing, a concert, and even a formal dinner, our jewelry can be worn on various occasions. The versatility inherent in our pieces makes it a fantastic option for or a thoughtful gift for your friends and loved ones. Read on to understand better the items we have for you and their features to make your shopping experience easier. 

Types of Boho Jewelry 

Boho Earrings 

The core feature of bohemian earrings is the combination of bright colors and their unique designs. When it comes to color, there are various items to choose from. There are sterling silver earrings, gold, and even multicolored pieces. Consider pairing a boho backless dress with our sterling silver earrings.

Boho earrings come in excellent designs. For instance, there are floral hooped earrings that would be exquisite with a boho maxi dress. Pair ethnic tribal triangle drop earrings with a boho-chic top to get a coveted look. Feather drop designs feature prominently and make for a fantastic choice paired with just about anything, including cute vintage tops for women

Include rhinestone and turquoise earrings in your wardrobe as they are of quality, inexpensive, and add a touch of elegance. Designs such as dangle drop, hook earrings, gold studs, and those that feature abstract objects such as human faces, cats, leaves, and guns are enough to make you spoilt for choice. 

Boho Rings   

Boho rings are an excellent option to add to your wardrobe. Whether it’s to look pretty or for a reason such as an engagement, these rings are sure to capture your fashion needs. Our rings are made of semi-precious gemstones like turquoise and rhinestone. These rings also come in various shapes, such as a sterling silver leaf, teardrop. Add a boho accessory to any outfit along with this jewelry for that extra wow factor. 

Boho Bracelets

Boho bracelets are an artistic canvas on your wrist, and there is no limit on how they are made. You could decide to stack them up on a layer or pick one already layered with our three bracelets set wood and multicolored bead with an adjustable strap. You can also opt for a skull-shaped strap that stands apart from the rest. 

The most common bohemian bracelet is the turquoise beads bracelet that can also serve as an anklet, which can be a good option for a friendship bracelet. For a bit of elegance, consider a rhinestone chain either in gold or sterling silver that gives the spark to any outfit that you may have as they serve as a statement bracelet. 

Boho Necklaces and Pendants

The core of any boho-chic style is bright colors and eye-catching designs; our boho necklaces and bohemian pendants are no exception to this. Natural materials like leather, semi-precious stones, beads, and strings are common. You can find high-quality necklaces with sterling silver chains and turquoise beads. 

Find statement necklaces in Egyptian and African two-tone beads. Dreamcatcher necklaces and tribal antique necklaces that add an edge to your wardrobe are also available. Rhinestone necklaces that come in gold and silver with others featuring shapes such as I love you teardrop necklaces are also available. 

Pendants feature unique shapes and straps, from starfish to water drop designs with turquoise stones attached to them. The iconic tree of life pendant with a leather strap can be paired with various styles like punk rock fashion or steampunk women, which are available at affordable prices at RebelsMarket. 

Double-layer gold chain pendants and even holy crosses are available for you to shop for to build on to your accessories. To add more variety, there is body jewelry, including toe rings and nipple rings that add spice to your wardrobe. The range of options for a boho-chic enthusiast is immense and enough to suit you as you build your look. 

As you can see, the myriad of options available for boho jewelry are immense and are sure to add a new dimension to your closet. Not only are they affordable and quality, but also creative and artful in their designs. 

Create your perfect look and add icing on the cake with our boho jewelry at RebelsMarket. Our collection has something for you to look out for at affordable prices, from multicolored earrings to sterling silver rings. Get yours today. Shop at RebelsMarket today and get 10% Off your first order. Worldwide shipping available.


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