Men's Goth Coats

The goth alternative subculture has captured millions of creative minds, with several ways to bring out the rebellious spirit through their mode of clothing. Among the must-haves wardrobe staples in men’s goth fashion are the gothic coats, which is an edgy way to adorn your ensemble. Complete your look with a unique selection of unique coats at RebelsMarket. If you love black clothing and dark styles, then goth is the way to go!

Men’s gothic coats come in different styles and designs, giving you the opportunity to rock your desired piece that best suits your personality wherever you go. From long coats, trench coats, tailcoats, to waistcoats, full-lengths to short long-sleeved, Rebelsmarket has the perfect goth coat you need to complete your outfit. 

Whether you want to achieve formal wear or casual wear, we have a variety of gothic clothing to choose from. We have scoured the globe and curated products from various alternative brands and indie stores to bring you the most fashion-forward men’s goth coats fit for your style.

Types of men’s gothic coats to shop for online

There are various men’s coat styles available for you to choose from, whether you are aiming for a vampire look or a pirate vibe. Some of the types of gothic coats for men are highlighted below:

Trench coats- They are among the common types of coats considered universal pieces in alternative fashion. The trench coat variation gives out a rugged feel due to the military design in them. You can shop for various types of trench coats such as the gothic vampire trench coat, military trench coat, or the black leather trench coat, each with a design on its own. You can pair a classic goth hooded trench coat and pair it with a stylish pair of mens goth boots and black embroidered goth pants for a complete all-black look.

Gothic punk coats- Another favorite is the punk rock coats, with a dark feel and leather detailing. This is a perfect fit for a rebel who leans toward gothic clothing and punk subculture. Shop for a leather buckled studded punk coat, and incorporate leather pants and Demonia platform boots for a punk rock feel.

Overcoats- One of the unique aspects of gothic fashion that specially sets itself apart is the classic overcoat. They take the liberty of dressing in elegant designs that come in both leather and cloth variations. You can shop for a men’s goth winter overcoat and rock your winter look effortlessly.

Gothic steampunk coats- These gothic coats have a fusion of the sci-fi spin and Victorian-era fashion. The classic Victorian coats are beautifully adorned with hooks, buckles, straps, and chains to create a distinct fantasy feel. The steampunk coats can make an elegant outfit when paired with a detailed men’s goth shirt, pants, and formal shoes.

Tailcoats- The classic tailcoat creates a gentleman look that can be enhanced with gothic jewelry such as watches and pendants. This impeccable formal gothic coat is easy to pull off because of its timeless style. You can shop for a vintage tailcoat and pair it with a black gothic outfit for a formal look.

With the few types of men’s coats, you can buy your preferred piece and rock a goth look. Find in our collection unique gothic coats you can use to enhance your look from basic to rebellious. RebelsMarket has different options you can shop for, whether you are looking for a trench coat for a casual look or a vintage tailcoat for formal wear. Shop today and get 10% Off on your first purchase and worldwide shipping!


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