Women’s Vintage Sweaters & Cardigans

The past still has a place to shine in the present with women’s vintage sweaters. RebelsMarket has affordable and quality vintage clothing options that are classic and chic. The year is 1962, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe is on Santa Monica beach wearing a  chunky graphic cardigan. The photo she took that day is a bluechip style reference for cardigan sweaters. Many models still pay homage to that sweater, such as Gigi Hadid when she opened Maxmara’s autumn 2015 catwalk show. Almost 60 years later, retro cardigans are still adorned.   

Not only did the Santa Monica beach photo break boundaries, but it also left us with a style that has stood the test of time. Along the way have come other powerful women such as Princess Diana, who in the 1980s rocked knitted sweaters and patterned cardigans that are still worn and loved till today. Princess Diana ascended to the circle of the best-dressed women in history. She did this by using her fashion to communicate with others. She had a knack for wearing what suited her rather than what seemed in style. Diana’s royal style was by no means rigid, but her fondness for chunky, campy knits and pullovers always stuck with her. She once said, “I’m a free spirit.” That spirit was worn on her cardigan sleeves.  

Shop for vintage cardigans today and add a touch of class and comfort to your wardrobe. Pair a vintage Christmas sweater with vintage pants, or wear a sleeveless cardigan with vintage-inspired dresses. Finish off the look in a pair of vintage shoes for women, and you’ll be good to go.  

Switch up the range in your wardrobe by combining different styles. Match a cute retro cardigan with a grunge standard top. Women’s punk rock jeans go pair well with vintage sweaters. You can also rock your retro cardigan with a boho maxi dress from our collection of Women’s boho dresses for a simple yet stylish outfit. 

A discerning shopper needs to pick the sweater that suits them, especially with so much to choose from. RebelsMarket offers affordable and high-quality sweaters and cardigans. Read on for some pointers to help you navigate online shopping to get the best option for purchase. 

Consider the shape of your body and the size of your sweater 

A cardigan is like a crown that sits at the top of the royalty that is your body. It’s crucial to pick a cardigan that compliments your body shape. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, so do our vintage cardigans. Consider a v-neck cardigan that is wonderful with almost any shape. A petite body shape would look perfect in a round-neck loose fit sweater, which would beautifully highlight the feminine features.   

Match it with a street fashion dress, and nothing would stop you from looking like a breath of fresh summer breeze. Given that our products are sourced from different countries and regions, the sizes are fitted for different regions. For example, a size 32 in the US is not likely to be the same size in the UK. Please pay attention to the details on the retro 90s sweaters we have when buying them.  

Check the fabric of the cloth

A good quality fabric goes a long way in ensuring your satisfaction as a customer. Vintage cardigans made from polyester are durable and lightweight. The cardigans do not wrinkle easily, are quick to dry, and they don’t stain easily. Get the best out of polyester made vintage cardigans by pairing them with our women’s street pants.  

Cotton is another good quality fabric and has excellent moisture control as it is breathable. Cotton has good insulation, perfect for keeping you warm in the winter; this makes it a good choice for making our vintage Christmas sweaters. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, making it comfortable on the skin and also durable. Wool is another fabric that is warm, wrinkle-resistant, and extremely durable, which makes for a cozy and comfortable sweater.

Have a picture of the look you want to pull off as you are shopping. You can buy an ugly Christmas sweater ideal for the festive season at affordable prices on  RebelsMarket. Bring on that Santa feeling with bright red oversized sweaters that are comfortable to wear. You could pair long cardigans with urban fashion tops for a complete look. 

Shop for women’s vintage sweaters from RebelsMarket today and add unique clothing pieces to your wardrobe. We have a collection of vintage cardigans for women that can be worn in a wide variety of styles. Our top of the line retro cardigans are also affordable. Get 10% OFF your first buy when you shop today. Worldwide shipping available!


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