Women’s High-Waist Skinny Jeans

High-waist skinny jeans have solidified their standing as a must-have wardrobe staple for every modern fashionista. We have seen skinny jeans for women evolve from classic wide bottoms to flattering jeggings to the comfortable stretch styles we know and love today. Alternative styles wouldn’t be where they are without these modifications, and now we have a variety of skinny denim outfits to try out. RebelsMarket is a store that caters to several body types with an exclusive collection of skinnies for ladies. Find your women’s alternative jeans today and step into any occasion with confidence!

Are skinny denim jeans still in style? They pretty much are! It is safe to say that the staple is still a classic. The alternative scene is now graced with several designs, from low-rise to skinny high-rise jeans, and come in different styles like rugged, embroidered, and printed. Streetwear fashion has taken the denim style up a notch with different ways to style them, from plain t-shirts to leather tops. Trendy fashion has also made the pants a must-have staple, like bringing the bell bottoms back to life with fun ways to style youthful looks. The above styles are not the only ones making high-waist trousers a must-have pair; the trend cuts across other styles, from goth to emo and vintage.

How to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans

Shopping for skinny girl jeans is more personal because it depends on your dimensions, body size, and shape. Denim doesn’t fit the ‘one size fits all policy, and it is important to be aware of your body proportions more than the sizing of the denim. Here are some of the tips you can use to get the perfect pair of jeans.

Take your measurements

One of the most effective ways when looking for skinny-fit jeans is to know your waist size, inseam size, and rise. When measuring the waist, make sure you measure around a perfect circle, imagining that that will be the waistline of your denim. For the inseam, measure down the crotch seam to the hem of the leg of your existing pair. For the rise, you can measure the length of your pants from the crotch to the waistband. These guides will give you a baseline measurement of the perfect pair of skinny jeans style to go for. 

Jeans rise options to buy

When shopping for your ideal rise, go for a pair that sits perfectly on the waist. There are various types to choose from, like high-waisted skinny jeans. Also known as high-rise, they are worn up to or just above the belly button. High waists can be styled with platform boots and a crop top for a chic silhouette. We also have the mid-rise pair that sits up to an inch below the belly button, and they are referred to as regular-rise trousers. Also, shop for low-rise pants that sit low on the waist, around three inches below the navel. You can get a classic pair of washed jeans and style it with a graphic t-shirt for a casual chic look.

Detailed jeans to choose from

Find your ideal pair in various details that you might like. Shop for ripped jeans in various shredded patterns to complete a casual or formal look. The pants are ripped at the knees, around the thigh area, or on the entire leg. Pair it with a graphic women’s tank top for casual wear, or layer it with a coat to give it a semi-casual look. You can go for distressed denim, which is different from ripped pants because they have frays instead of holes. We also have a variety of embroidered applique skinny jeans to choose from. Applique pants have stylish vintage patches on them and can range from denim to lace and plaid patterns. Add  cute hoodies for women to the look, coupled with a pair of sneakers for a chic outfit. 

We also have a collection of printed skinny jeans available, like checkered pants, colorful flower patterns, and black faux leather jeans in silver serpent patterns. Also, shop for zipped and buttoned jeans, and we have a variety of styles you can go for, from one-buttoned pants to multi-button and even zips placed on the back. Have alternative heels paired with your ideal trousers for a girlish work look. Find your ideal pair of lace-up trousers in the collection as well; we have a variety of styles to go for, like side-laced pants, front-laced, and back-laced. Create a winter outfit with the pants by pairing them with women’s alternative coats to keep you warm and stylish.

So whether you are shopping for plus-size or regular-fit pants, find your ideal fit with us today. Apart from having your measurements at hand, the style you go for is ultimately up to you. It is also worth noting that you can go for any stretch jeans, but it will depend on how you style them; just make sure it fits like a glove. To find the style you are most comfortable with, whether it is ankle or flare jeans. Get the trousers in plain colors like white or black or printed patterns like skulls and tribals. 

Secure your wardrobe with a wide range of cheap skinny jeans from RebelsMarket. Our skinnies are easy to dress up or down, depending on your style and the occasion you are going. Try out the full assortment of women’s denim in various sizes, from petite to plus size, and in different lengths like cropped to extra long. Shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We also ship worldwide!


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