5 Alternative Fashions that Are Now Mainstream

5 Alternative Fashions that Are Now Mainstream

Alternative fashion has come a long way. From the punk days of the eighties to the edgy, gender-bending looks of the nineties, alternative fashion has always been a form of creative self-expression. Now, even mainstream fashion has adopted many of these alternative looks, bringing a bit of edge to everyday looks. Here are five alternative fashions that are now mainstream.

The transition from alternative fashion to mainstream and back to alternative is a fickle matter. One second you are rebelling against the norms of mainstream culture and fashion with a style that is unique and different, and the next pop culture claims your style as its own. Now what to do? 


Is mainstream stealing your alternative style?


In the not too distant past, shaved heads, tattoos, and piercings were not accepted by the general public; nowadays, they are much more commonplace. Increased exposure in the media has led to their increased acceptance, and now most youth get their first tattoo as soon as they turn 18, sometimes sooner. Instead of hiding tattoos at work and in public, they are now showcased. Like tattoos, these five trends were once considered alternative fashion choices but are slowly creeing into mainstream fashion. 


1. Rainbow-colored hair:


Coloring your hair anything but a natural color would at one time be seen as crude and unusual. Nowadays mermaid hair, hair with different aqua-colored strands, is a popular request at hair salons. Some girls opt to color just the tips, or a section of their hair, while others opt to color their entire mane. 


rainbow colored hair
Top -  Bottom: Rihanna, Hayley Wiliams, Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne


2. Creepers:


This has nothing to do with that guy who won’t leave you alone at work. Creepers are a style of shoe with a thicker sole than normal. And when it comes to these shoes, you know size matters. These stacked platform shoes can sometimes be three inches high, adding height and fashion to any outfit. Creepers are one of the newest alternative fashions to be embraced by the mainstream. Once they only existed in the realm of underground subcultures (mainly in the 90’s), but now they can be seen on designers, celebrities, and even runway models. 

An acceptable creeper.


3. Studs: 


Studs have been piercing fabric in intricate designs for quite some time. Whether silver, bronze, gold, or black, studs provide instant punk rock edge. Following the widespread popularity of grunge and punk, studs became a fashion staple. Once something you had to add yourself to clothing, studs can now be found on everything from belts to vests, to leather jackets and backpacks. Recently, they have been used among mainstream fashion lines to add feminine bling to jean jackets and vests, and studded converse are making a comeback. 


Studs alternative clothing


4. Dark Apparel and Accessories:


Dark, macabre clothing, and make-up has normally been associated with the goth and its subcultures, but recently fashion has embraced this look and created a new culture in itself, the glam goth. Leather, smoky eyes, and skull print dresses make up this Hollywood-esque style and can be seen on even “wholesome” celebrities now.


Gothic touches are now mainstream.


5. Harem Pants


Upon seeing them at first you might find them the weirdest looking apparel. However these unique pants are quite a huge hit! Harem pants can be worn by both men and women and are baggy, long pants tapered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area.These pants, which originated from the Arabian Peninsula, are quickly gaining popularity in the fashion world.


Harem pants are now mainstream.


These different dressing cultures are very specific to certain people. So do not worry if you have always had a love for it, you are the people who kept it real and will always have it running through their veins.


What do you think about alternative looks being embraced by mainstream fashion? Leave your feedback below!


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