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5 Tips For Accessorizing A Minimalist Outfit

5 Tips For Accessorizing A Minimalist Outfit

Are you looking to add a stylish flair to a minimalist outfit? Accessorizing can be a great way to take your look from basic to bold. However, it can be tricky to decide how much is too much when it comes to accessorizing a minimalist outfit. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect balance between stylish and subtle.

It might sound like an oxymoron, but “accessorizing a minimalist outfit” is totally possible with the right pieces. More of a Victoria Beckham than a Gwen Stefani, the minimalist gal is not one to make a loud, eccentric statement with accessories. Rather, she is one to be remembered for her style sensibility and purposeful approach to maintaining a clean look. Forget about layered, bright bangles! The minimalist gal feels more herself with a leather bracelet as her statement accessory.

Based on the concept of subtlety, simplicity, and structure, a minimalist outfit signifies the “less is more” philosophy and proves the power of an understated outfit. If you identify yourself as a proud minimalist, and you’re ready to enhance your look through accessorizing, remember to keep in mind that nearly all of your wardrobe staples are versatile pieces. In other words, many of your fashion basics can be worn differently with the help of simple accessory edits. 

Think: Easy choices that’ll amp up your daily wear no matter where you’re going! 


1. Add A Touch Of Gold To Your Plain, White Tee:

A minimalist’s wardrobe is not complete without a plain white tee – or 10 of them. Whether worn under a bias-cut blazer or on its own, the beauty of this blank slate is that you can add a slight touch of metallic detail for style -- a look that will always work well with distressed jeans, slacks, or black leggings! A long gold necklace can be worn individually or layered in a sophisticated manner, and depending on your personality and outfit, you may choose a simple necklace with an artistic emblem or dainty strands. 


Let your minimalist outfit shine bright with a gold necklace!



2. Buckle Up Your LBD:

Audrey Hepburn is known for her memorable movie scenes on the big screen as well as her major influence on minimalist mod style. The iconic British actress regularly showed the beauty in simplistic, tailored outfits, which continues to inspire the fashion world in the 21st century. This includes the little black dress! An easy way to accessorize your “LBD” without going over the top is to buckle it up with a thin belt for a subtle touch of drama. Let’s take a cue from Audrey!


Add a chic touch of vintage to your little black dress!



3. Consider A New Handbag Hue:

It’s easy to get caught in a rut, especially when it comes to the color of your go-to structured handbag. The minimalist gal’s closet is often full of neutral tones that can be paired with almost anything and everything. This includes black, gray, navy, olive, and white. So if it’s time to freshen up your collection of handbags with a new addition, you can go full-force with a skull purse to stand out or have fun exploring new colors, patterns, and details that will mesh in will with your versatile wardrobe! 


Have fun playing with the color and details of new handbags!



4. Add A Bright Pop Of Color To A Black-And-White Combo:

A finely tuned black-and-white combo is one of the most classic minimalist ensembles. Whether paired together for a theatrical taste of drama or paired together for a subtle statement, the combination of black and white typically makes for a powerful outfit. Now, add a bright pop of color to the mix for an artistic, retro feel! Try simple studs or a watch for just a simple flash of fun. Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick would be proud.


Add a pop of color to a mod black-and-white outfit!



5. Top Your Outfit With A Knit Beanie:

The knit beanie is one of the most cherished go-to accessories for all fashion types, including the minimalist. It not only provides practical use for the super chilly days, it adds a playful and cozy quality to a serious outfit. A neutral-colored knit beanie can nicely fit into the outfit’s overall color scheme, while a brighter-toned style will add a dose of edginess. It’s always a win-win with this hot, winter trend!

Loosen up the seriousness of your minimalist look with a playful knit beanie!



These are just a few outfit ideas! How would YOU best accessorize a minimalist look? Please leave your comments below!


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