7 Essentials You Need to Achieve the Ultimate Rocker Look!

 7 Essentials You Need to Achieve the Ultimate Rocker Look!

Are you looking to make a statement with your style and make heads turn? The ultimate rocker look is an edgy and bold way to express yourself. But achieving the perfect rocker look requires more than just a few pieces of clothing. Here are the 7 essentials you need to achieve the ultimate rocker look!

Ah punk rock, the well known rebellious style inspired by the likes of bands such as Nirvana and The Sex Pistols. It’s a great and fun culture for young and old alike. Punk rock fashion is for all people and  who want to express themselves, and best of all, it can be suited to all occasions, whether it’s a glitzy night out or a lazy day with friends. 

Here are some punk rock must-have styles to unleash the fashion anarchist in you;

1. Go Skulls!

 is making a major comeback. It is the perfect rocker style as it will add a touch of punk class to any outfit They are a great base for any rock outfit and show off your rebellious side.

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2. Boots 'r' licious

The perfect pair of rocker boots are another great rocker essentials. Women boots and men alike, will help channel that punk in us all. You can find many boots like these that come in multiple colors, but black is probably more practical and you're likely to get more wear out of them. Team them with just about anything from super short skirts to floor length dresses to uber cool jeans.

L-R: Angel! Sliver Metal Angel Wing Design Earrings, Ecg Heart Pendant; Heart Disease Awareness Necklace, Reptile Print Multi Straps Thin High Heel Boots, Rock Queen Women Purple Long Sleeve Dress

3. Legging it on

Leggings are so versatile and can be worn with either shorts or skirts. The great thing about these edgy women leggings is that when it gets a bit chilly outside, you can wear them with some coloured tights underneath to change your look and keep you nice and cosy at the same time.

L-R: 2014 New Spring Metal Rivets Patchwork Gray Long Sleeve Short Dress, Ink Leopard Thermal Hoodie, We Are All Animals Hoodie

4. Studded!

Studs are the perfect punk accessory. They keep your clothing style looking fresh infusing trendy and cool accents. Whether you like stud accessories or studded clothing, you can  never go wrong with studs.

L-R: Tough Chic Masculine Stud Rider Leather Jacket, Striking & Luxurious Sleek Stud Leather Belt, Rivets Studded Buckle Straps Lace Up Low Heel Boots

5. Perfect Leather jacket

Leather is the ultimate punk rock clothing item. Classic, timeless and chic, you will always get it punk rocker right with a leather jacket.

L-R: Punk Men Metal Rivets Black Leather Short Jacket Coat, Metal Rivets 100% Premium Real Leather Black Motorcycle Short Jacket

6. Blaze it On

For a more conservative punk look, if that's possible, a bright coloured blazer or a simple classic blazer will have you leaving a trail wherever you go. A blazer is great for the office with black pants and a cool crisp white shirt or paired with jeans for a casual look. Great for outerwear for men, blazers are a great way to show some punk rock style!

L-R: Men Shining Yellow Half Sleeve Blazer Jacket, Women Single Breasted Blazer, Punk Men Zip Leather Blazer Jacket

 7. Get Plaid

The plaid pattern is perfect for this summer. Not only is it the punk friendly pattern of the season, but plaid makes an appearance with various punk celebrities. Again, this is another versatile style which can be worn with both pants and skirts and it looks great with the leather skirt and even better with those must-have boots.

L-R: Emma Watson in a plaid dress with leather jacket and sptudded heels, Sexy Plaid Style Pants, Shitsville Clothing Black Plaid Zipper Punk Jacket

Punk Rock is great, not only for its link to music legends like David Bowie, but for its ability to express a persons personality. It can be elegant, for those girls who feel the rebellious spirit but love the girlish style, or it can be more grungy, for the guys who want to show their subversive nature and edgy style to society. So whether you're a punk pro or a punk apprentice, these punk rock clothing items are perfect and you don't even have to dye your hair pink or ask your hairdresser for a lime green mohawk (unless you really want to!).

Any more ideas out there on how to achieve a punk look?

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