Casual Glam Punk

Casual Glam Punk

Welcome to the world of Casual Glam Punk, a bold and edgy style that embraces the best of both worlds. Combining the glamour of high fashion with the punk attitude of street style, Casual Glam Punk is a trend that is here to stay. From eclectic accessories to statement pieces, this trend is all about expressing your individual style. In this article, we'll explore the basics of this trend, discuss key elements and pieces, and provide styling tips and inspiration. So, let's dive right in and take a closer look at how to rock the Casual Glam Punk look!

The glam punk look is a girlish and rebellious style that is a great look to personalize and adapt to your own taste. Following on from the rock era, influenced by the greats such as the rolling stones, the punk movement was glamourized by the modern fashion industry, and was mixed with elegance to create the look. 

This article will show you how to create a more casual glam punk look for the every day. To keep it casual you should start with a base, and accessorize to express your own personal taste.

Step One: The Outfit

These gorgeous faded, studded shorts are a great, rebellious and casual way to begin creating your outfit. 

Or, for a more girly look, take a page out of the denim bible and go for a studded black skirt like this one, available at rebelsmarket.com

This skeletal top is a fun, rebellious and dark design, perfect with denim shorts and a studded belt for a punk look. 

This black and white, classic design is a dream from the past, and the presence of the glamorous Marilyn Monroe will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Finish your look with this sophisticated, studded jacket. The design is both elegant, with its soft fabric, and rockin’ with its studs, perfect for a glam punk look every day. 

Step Two: The Accessories 

This elegant gothic necklace is both casual and glamorous, great for showing rebellion and fashion. 

Finish your accessorizing with this metallic, rock ring. 

Step Three: The Shoes

With every outfit comes the shoes, and in the case of a more casual glam punk look the shoes are important. These converse style, studded shoes are a great addition to denim shorts and a patterned shirt, as well as an expression of style and rebellion.

For an even more glamorous look try these gold studded converse shoes with gold jewelry. 

The Glam Punk look is really an adaptable one, and you can choose to keep it casual or dress it up, but remember its about expression and style, so confidence and personality is key.


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Writing allows me to express my creative thought process through words. I hope you enjoy my style! Go Rebels!