Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Hostess Gift

Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Hostess Gift

Are you looking for the perfect hostess gift? Whether it’s for a dinner party, a holiday gathering, or a special occasion, finding the right gift can be a challenge. Here we’ll provide some tips and ideas to help you find the ideal hostess gift. From thoughtful presents to budget-friendly options, we’ll help you find something special that will be appreciated and remembered.

When you are invited over to someone's house- for a party, a dinner, or to stay the weekend- it's traditional to take a token of appreciation with you, commonly known as a 'hostess gift'. These small gifts are tricky to pick out, especially if your circle of friends is a little less traditional. Our gift guide will help to steer you in the right direction to find the perfect present for every party you find yourself at this holiday season!



The perfect host of a party deserves a good hostess gift



Barware Gifts

A classic hostess gift is one that can be used at every party- barware! Small items such as stoppers can be opened and used right away, and can help make life a little easier for your gracious host. If you're looking at getting this as a gift, look for:

  • Bottle stoppers to reseal those bottles of wine and spirits and keep them fresh during the party. Look for ones with cheeky sayings!

  • Unique bottle openers, because you can never have enough at a party.

  • Glass decanters are also a good choice, as gives the bar a personal touch.



Barware such as glass decanters, unique bottle openers, and stoppers.



Kitchen Gifts

Another classic is a gift that can be used in the kitchen, and it's something they can use every day. These are a great option because since your recipient will see it all the time, they'll think of you just as often. If you're looking for kitchen goodies to wrap up, try:

  • Unusual tableware, like cute salt and pepper shakers, can be a great gift- and it can make the next year easier, because you can start them a collection.

  • Custom glass jars, perfect for storing cookies and other yummy things.

  • Coaster sets in unusual patterns, because normal is boring!



Kitchen gifts like salt and pepper shakers, cute aprons, and etched jars are great for hostess gifts



Decorative and Houseware Gifts

Sometimes you want to get someone a present that they can display openly, all year round. These gifts tend to be useful or perfectly in sync with the recipient's tastes, so is best gotten for someone you know well. That being said, these can also be the most meaningful if you choose wisely. Some good ideas for these kinds of gifts are:

  • Hip flasks- sometimes the party doesn't stay at home!

  • Cute aprons, for the hostess with the mostess.

  • Art prints can also be a good bet if you know them well enough- decorate their life!



Artwork, especially personalized art, is also a great gift for the host you know well.



Taking a present to a dinner party that isn't a bottle of wine or a box of desserts may sound a little old-fashioned, but this time of year- a time when we're traditionally reflecting on the year and counting our blessings- seems like the perfect time to reinstate this little ritual. At the very least, you know you'll be at the top of the list for an invite next time! 



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