Goth Inspired High Fashion Styles

Goth Inspired High Fashion Styles

Goth fashion has made a big comeback in the world of high fashion. From the catwalks of Paris to the runways of New York, designers have embraced the dark, edgy aesthetic of goth style and infused it with contemporary elements. With its bold shapes, dramatic silhouettes, and heavy use of black, goth inspired high fashion is a bold statement of individual style. In this article, we'll explore some of the hottest goth-inspired high fashion styles, from classic looks to modern takes on the trend.

In 2012, designers such as Gucci, Rochas, Badgely Mishka, and 3.1 Phillip Lim adorned their runway models with merlot lips, pale complexions, and fashion that was nothing less than high-end goth. But goth culture is no stranger to high fashion. Goth has shown up on the runway before with designers such as Alexander McQueen, NAOTO, Marko Mitanovski, Gereth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Rei Kawakubo, Rodarte, and John Galliano of Christian Dior. As these dark, goth angels walk down the runways, strutting their style in black satin feathers, chain necklaces, plum velvet, and black leather shorts, its hard to associate goth with anything BUT high fashion. 

Courtesy of plascontrends.co.za. 

It is these runway shows that inspire local goth fashionistas to create their own high-end fashion looks. If you would rather stick to true high fashion, it is going to cost you, just as one of these gothic pieces can run you thousands of dollars.

However, here’s is how to create your own gothic inspired look without denting a hole in your pocket;

A) Faux leather outfits - these faux leather items are easy to come by and can be made to look high fashion by adding studs or slits. They help you complete the Goth look by providing the leather look.

Regular/plus size black/red studded faux leather corset and skirt set from Gothic Pandemic.

B) Leather waist jackets - Whether  you like your jackets synched or open, long or short, a leather jacket adds a simple high-end fashion touch. Add some studs around the collar and a wide-rimmed black hat for something hot, sleek, and worthy of any Kardashian sister. 

Handmade womens slim long design leather coat by Leatherghar. 

Add some high-heeled boots, long black lashes, Frankenstein hair, and skull jewelry to complete the ensemble.

 For guys, the high-end fashion look is almost the same. Dark military jackets, trench coats, and high collared vests can give any male a high-end goth appeal.

Avant Garde Unbeatable Diabolic Hood Cape Black Coat from New Stylish. 

Add combat boots and gloves for even more label worthy intrigue.  

These are just a few pointers you can always add to your look to add high fashion feel to your Goth clothing. Leather is one of the basic items needed to add this look. 

Any more ideas you may have? Add to the comment section below. 


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