How to Maintain Black Clothing’s Vibrancy

How to Maintain Black Clothing’s Vibrancy

Black clothing can be a great way to make a bold statement. Whether you're wearing an all-black outfit to a party or sporting a sleek black blazer to work, it's important to take the right steps to maintain the vibrancy of your black clothes. With the right care, your favorite black garments can stay looking like new for years to come. In this article, we'll share our top tips for keeping your black clothes looking vibrant and like-new.

Black is a staple color in many different facets of life, especially clothing. But, whether you’re Goth, Punk, or just like black clothing, you’ve probably experienced the good fight in maintaining your black’s crispness throughout its life. We’ve all been there, our newly bought perfect little black dress, worn only a handful of times, is now becoming a shade of grey we never would have picked on the rack. But, there is a way to ensure that you maintain the vibrancy of your black clothing, and it takes a lot less work than you may think.


Tricks to keeping black clothing from fading


Just remember, if you put the work into caring for your clothes, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck with the amount of time that your dark clothing lasts with the extra effort you put into caring for it.


How can I keep my black clothes from fading?


First and foremost, check your laundry detergent. While you may think that all detergents are created equal, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are certain chemicals in detergents that break down the fibers in clothing which causes the dyes to fade out into each and every wash cycle that you run. Whether you like colored clothing or black clothing, you’re going to want to get a color-safe detergent that lacks these chemicals. Some of the best detergents for black clothing are:

  • -Cheer- Stay Colorful.

  • -Woolight- Darks.

  • -Woolight- Extra Dark.

  • -Henkel Perwoll- Intensive Black (Black Magic).

  • -All- Free and Clear.


The secret to keeping black clothes from fading is...


These are all viable options when trying to pick the best possible detergent for your dark clothing. You may be worried about the cost that you may pay purchasing two different types of detergents, one for your lights, and one for your darks, but I can guarantee that it’ll be worth it and will save you in the long run, especially since most of the detergents are extremely affordable to begin with, and they tend to last a good long while. Just remember, if your darks fade, you’ll have to replace clothing that you may end up loving after a few wears. You may as well start off the relationship with your black clothing with a little extra TLC.


Keeping black clothes black involves the right care.


Secondly, you want to become familiar with your clothing’s tags. While it’s easy to just ignore those annoying pieces of fabric that scratch at our skin every day, they’re there for a very good reason. They will give you the exact care instructions on how to properly maintain each and every piece of clothing you already own or are thinking about buying. Remember, if it says dry clean only, it’s best to dry clean it only to help preserve the overall appearance. However, even with machine washable garments you want to make sure that you’re washing them in the appropriate temperature and with the right setting on your washing machine to prevent damage. For some more delicate items, like your black leggings, it is advisable to hand wash them to avoid damage from being stretched and pulled around in the machine.


Hang black clothes to dry to keep them dark.


When washing your dark clothing turn your shirts, dresses, and pants inside out. This will keep the outside of your darkest clothing looking vibrant and rich while the insides take all of the fading from the wash cycle instead. The reason why turning your clothing inside out works is because when it’s turned inside out, rather than having the friction of other clothing on the front of your black clothing, it instead is placed on the inside portion that isn’t visible when worn.

When washing your dark clothing always make sure to use cold water and a no-heat drying method. Either lay them out to dry or use the low heat cycle on your dryer.

Of course this is all just a handful of things you can do to keep your black clothing fresh and un-faded, but they will definitely set you off on the right track of maintaining the overall appearance of your dark clothing. 


Tricks, tips, and secrets to keeping your blacks from fading.


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