Johnny Cash Inspired Clothing & Accessories

Johnny Cash Inspired Clothing & Accessories

Like the awesome rockabilly students you are, you aced the Johnny Cash history lesson.  Now it’s time to initiate yourself into the world of the “Man in Black”.  Lucky for you, RebelsMarket already has it sussed. Cash was a rockabilly, God, with his fair share of vices. Want to get the look? It’s time to step up to the podium and Cash you up. 

Men's Sinners Prayer Tattoo Denim Jacket

sinners denim jacket

Are you a sinner or a saint?  As a man who grew up on gospel then fell from grace with his battle with drugs, Cash would surely argue we all have a bit of both.  This men’s Sinners Prayer Tattoo denim jacket in black is a wink to both.

American Pride Denim Jacket Vest// Spiked

denim jacket womens

No need to cultivate a southern drawl; salute Americana with this woman’s American Pride denim jacket.  These are hand painted and can be customized with different U.S.A states.  Why not pay tribute to the Man in Black with a print of Arkansas or Tennessee.

New Sexy Gold Boots

cowboy boots

What country singer wouldn’t be complete without cowboy boots? Say goodbye to those outdated cowboy boots from yesteryear.  These Gold Boots by Crafty Minx retain the style and charm of their Southern counterparts, but have been updated with a bit of sass.  Pair these with a bit of black for a modern twist on an old classic.

Johnny Cash Country Rock Folk Men Vest T Shirt Tank Top

johnny cash tank top

This Cash inspired shirt tank top pays homage to The Legend.  Not sure you can pull off a Man in Black suit?  Lucky for you Rainretro has created a casual vest tee shirt inspired by Cash.  Starting with this shirt, update the look with some head to toe black for a rockabilly vibe.

Tennessee Whiskey Drunk Ass Bear Stainless Steel Flask

whisky flask


When you think of the South, you think of swilling whisky. What better way to enjoy your devil juice than sipping it out of this stainless steel flask. Cultivate that raspy voice and look stylish at the same time.


Outlaw Threadz American Outlaw Scoop Neck

outlaw threads t shirt

American Outlaw scoop neck by Outlaw Threadz is classic Cash. Emblazoned with an image of a guitar slinging, finger-flipping Johnny Cash. Never one to play by the rules, this outlaw did what he pleased, and so can you. The scoop neck gives this top a more feminine feel, but the image is anything but awesome; You should also checkout their tattoo clothing section, you might be able to grab something that  

Ironwood Guitar Pick

ironwood guitar pick

What guitarist would be complete without a guitar pick? It’s the perfect accessory for budding musicians or lifelong professionals.  Eco Funk Picks have these stylish black numbers, perfect for those wanting to pay tribute to the Man in Black.

Johnny Cash Patch / Sticker Embroidered custom Iron Patch

johnny cash patch

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for?  Or maybe, you have that black canvas bag or jacket that needs something else? Look no further, this no-fuss, embroidered Johnny Cash patch will fill the void and liven up that shirt.  The special adhesive means it’s easy to apply and only requires an iron before it’s ready to go.

Vintage Wooden Double Cross Necklace

vintage wooden cross necklace

Get a bit of gospel in your life!  Any Johnny Cash buff knows of his deep devotion to his religion. Growing up in the South he was influenced by gospel singing and that influence is heard throughout his music.  This beautiful vintage wooden cross necklace is a perfect accessory for Johnny Cash devotees.

Handcuffs Short Necklace

handcuffs necklace

Have you got those Folsom Prison Blues? Take up a cause and show your dedicated to prisoners rights. Cash was a strong advocate for prison reforms. These cute interlocked handcuffs on a silver chain are inscribed with the word ‘freedom’.  It is a subtle, but evocative message.

Black Skull Tassel Metal Skulls Embellished Handbag

black tassel handbag

Are you ‘strapped for cash’, so to speak?  This gorgeous handbag is embellished with black tassels, giving it just a nudge to country chic without being over the top.  This sexy little number is in Johnny’s trademark colour and will hold all your essentials.  

Ring Fire Gents Ring Red Jasper & Enamel Sterling

red fire ring

In the immortal words of Johnny Cash, “I fell in to a burning ring of fire…”  This red flame ring, made of red jasper, enamel and sterling is one kind and not to be missed.  Black Shamrock Design and Jewlry have crafted a stunning piece of art, you won’t spot this walking down the street.

What are your favorite Johnny Cash inspired products?