Steal the Look Of “Jessica Rabbit” This Valentine's Day!

Steal the Look Of “Jessica Rabbit” This Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day, why not channel your inner Jessica Rabbit and steal her look? The sultry and seductive Jessica Rabbit is a classic Hollywood icon, and her style is timelessly glamorous. From her signature red dress to her iconic makeup, we've got all the tips and tricks you need to recreate her iconic look. So grab your makeup brushes and get ready to channel your inner Jessica Rabbit this Valentine's Day!

Attention pinup darlings: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your inner sultress come through even more – whether happily coupled or fabulously single. While you already evoke classic beauty through perfectly placed pinup curls, amazing cosmetic application, super-feminine dresses, and sexy platforms and stilettos, America’s sweetheart day is always the right time to push the envelope.

So let’s look to one of the sexiest, fictional leading ladies of the 80s in order to spark your own styling creativity! Yes, the iconic “Jessica Rabbit" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" -- the 1988 American fantasy/comedic/action film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Her cartoon-illustrated sexiness was so dramatic that it made parents cover their kids’ eyes and left both men and women blown away.


Let your inner vixen come forth this Valentine's Day!


As Jessica Rabbit’s beauty and ultra-sexy style remains an inspiration to real-life women, the irony lies in the fact that she basically came from a real-life woman. In other words, her illustration stemmed from the beauty of an actual person. Jessica Rabbit was inspired by Vicki Dougan, who was a slender beauty that achieved Hollywood fame in the 1950s due to the risqué tactic of putting her back on full display and eventually posing for Playboy as a result. Both Vicki Dougan and Jessica Rabbit remain trendsetters in their own rights, showing forth a badass balance of confidence and mystery. And these personality traits are often engrained in the pinup darlings of the world as well, coming through in lovely fashion choices.

So as you consider what to do and what to wear for Valentine’s Day, you my want to keep it super-sexy and super-simple like the one and only Jessica Rabbit.


Bold and Beautiful

Not that you’re ever one to skimp on creating the perfect lip color and perfect shade of eye shadow, but you may want to explore your cosmetic options for Valentine’s Day. Ever try wearing two different tones on your lids and lips for extra drama? If anyone can pull off a theatrical look, it’s the pinup darling. Other elements that contribute to a beautifully dramatic look include loose pinup waves and perfectly manicured nails, especially on the day of the year that is nationally dedicated to L-O-V-E and amplifying the aesthetics of a woman.

Take a cue from Jessica Rabbit and revamp your look for Valentine's Day!


Sexy Silhouettes

Showing extra skin this holiday can make for a totally sexy look! The exact silhouette, length of the dress, and where you’d like to show some extra skin are factors that will determine the type of dress to choose. If you’re ready to channel your inner Jessica Rabbit, a high slit on a backless dress with a cleavage-baring cut may be perfect for you. However, if you prefer to be a little more subtle with showing extra skin, then you can still work in some sex appeal with a sleeveless, longer, form-fitting dress or simply opt for a backless top instead. And no matter the style of dress you turn to for Valentine’s, remember that it’s never complete without sexy lingerie underneath!

May your dress be sexy and your attitude be full of confidence this Valentine's Day!


Daring Details

A true pinup darling knows that beauty exists in the details. And for a gal who has built her wardrobe around the beauty of vintage fashion – as well as vintage-inspired fashion – the accessories and shoes she selectively collects are her beautiful details. Are lovely, long gloves just what you need to glam up your Valentine’s Day dress? Do you want to wear your dress with stilettos or platform pinup heels? The type of accessories you choose to wear on Cupid’s Day are typically reminiscent of your favorite fashion era as it applies to your personal style. For a big, daring boost of drama, you may want to wear a pair of long, fancy gloves à la Jessica Rabbit...and just go for it! 

Valentine's Day is a great time to incorporate daring details and dramatic statements!


Will you be revamping your style on Valentine’s Day?  Please share you thoughts with us by leaving a comment below! 


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