Street Trend: Biker Inspired Fashion tips

Street Trend: Biker Inspired Fashion tips

Bike-inspired fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Not only is it stylish and unique, but it also adds a touch of fun to any look. If you’re looking to get on trend with this look, here are some tips and tricks to help you rock it.

Images of biker guys and chicks can be found on the internet since they style became a popular street trend fashion. This is one style that has remained true to its origins on the open roads. I cannot help but always be astonished with their amazing style and how sexy they can be with those studded leather bracelets, thigh high boots, motorcycle jackets, and leather pants. 


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I talked to a real rider about this so-called fashion trend and he said there’s no such thing as bike riders being 'fashion conscious'. All you need is your protective gear when hitting the road and you are good to go.

Although these bikers dont give a damn about the fashion; the helmets, jackets and boots have become a fashion inspiration for many non-riders spotted on the streets. More and more people are getting attached to black leggings, leather jackets and studded belts. Even super models and famous Hollywood celebrities are now having fun with biker inspired outfits.


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Biker inspired fashion is a combination of traditional rock and roll fashion and modern protective gear; in terms of edgy accessories, dark clothing, and leather ensembles. There’s also staple denims, skull print shirts, and accents of studs and spikes.

Motorcycle jackets have different variations from color to texture, though most still opt to have the simple leather jacket. Most riders prefer leather pants or denim in shades of dark blue, black, or with a rugged and faded appearance for their bottom wear. 


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Women can wear shorts too, as long as they are tight and leather! Some prefer those with studs but if you’re really gonna ride and hit the road make sure your legs are protected from steaming mufflers as they can cause painful burns. Knee high and ankle boots are a must to be uber cool. But if you’re only aiming for strutting your stuff on the streets, then those leather boots are enough to add edge to your outfit. 


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A helmet is the most important accessory for riders; you can choose from dark colors to vibrant colorful ones. However, if you don’t have your own bike then don’t even bother carrying one.

For jewelry, you can add up chains and rings, particularly those statement skull rings. Long dangle or large hoop earrings look awesome but small skull studs are more practical with helmets.

A very nice pair of aviator shades, a big bag or satchel that is flexible enough for your movements and activities. A skull infused bandana is also a must.


Skull necklaces are a great accent to biker chic style.
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To get the biker look you don’t really need to own a bike per se. All you need is the confidence to look badass enough to get one for free!

But if you’re really gonna ride and hit the road, safety and comfort is key so don’t just focus on being trendy and stylish :)

Do you guys ride or do you just dig this biker fashion look? Any style tips?  Share it with us in the comments below!


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