Summer Goth Style Tips

Summer Goth Style Tips

If you are anything like me, you are simultaneously excited and less than ecstatic that Spring and Summer are finally upon us. Looking through all the stores, everything is far too bright and neon, bringing in all of those happy crowd people wanting tans and flowery prints.

Well, I am here to tell all of you fellow pale and shade-loving friends that black is most definitely still a very wearable summer choice and that you can find wonderful and gorgeous outfits to scare impress all of those sun-loving day time people. Let's check out some amazing looks you can wear this summer;

These are the basic items every guy or girl has. Only different in the summer, these guys goth shirts or chick goth tops will say everything without you opening your mouth. 

Goth men fashion

Start off with a cool print T-shirt, or whatever you want really. Tank top, vest, your choice! If you do however want to cover up while walking around with the masses, you can find this beautiful shirt right here on Rebel's Market.

Grab yourself some cool gothic leggings to go with your shirt. You can get these here as well!

goth women fashion

If you are like me and enjoy the ocassionally dip in the pool or ocean, there are some amazing Goth inspired swimwear you can find. From pentagram to skull prints, whatever you like its out there

goth swimwear

Top it all off with a pair of cool sunglasses...

...And don't forget your parasol to keep that pale skin from too many sun rays!

With all these essentials, you will be more than ready to enjoy the summer in your cool looks. 

Until next time, your pale and tea loving fiend, 


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