Summer Fashion: Nautical Inspired Styles

Summer Fashion: Nautical Inspired Styles

Summer is here and it's time to update your wardrobe with some stylish nautical-inspired looks! Whether you're hitting the beach or just want to add some maritime flair to your everyday look, there are plenty of options to choose from. From sailor-striped tops and breezy linen skirts to classic boat shoes and statement-making accessories, you can create a look that's as timeless as the sea. Read on for our top picks for summer fashion, nautical-inspired styles.

Give your wardrobe a lift with summer-ready clothing that’s sure to float your stylish boat. From classic naval influences to rogue pirate looks; summer heat inspires fashionable, laid-back styles that are perfect on or off the water! Nautical Fashion is inspired by maritime classics and the main elements were from the colors white, red and navy; plus Breton stripes and anything with boat imagery, like ship wheels and anchors.


Nautical styles for relaxing in the summer heat


Stripes best define sailor fashion, and can easily be incorporated with any type of clothes from casual style to formal. It’s timeless and has been a constant fashion staple for decades. Be careful when wearing stripes as you might emphasize a part of your body that you wish people won’t pay attention. The general rule no vertical stripes for tall people and no horizontal stripes for wider peeps should still be noted.

For today’s post we’ll be sharing more style tips on how to wear sailor-esque clothes that look stylish and not too costumey, and will flatter both men and women, and we’ve got more for the whole family!


Summer Fashion: Nautical Styles Inspired by Sailing


Summer doesn’t mean it’s going to be all warm since weather can be unpredictable.

If you’ll just take a walk with a bit of nautical flair it’ll be fine, but then since it’s also the season to cruise, you should pack several type of clothes so you’ll be ready for any change in weather condition. The main rule now is to do “layering” and just add or remove the “layers” of clothes if the situation calls for it.


Layered Fashion with Nautical Elements
Photo found on A Bit of Sass


Nautical Fashion Tips For Women


If it’s sunny, denim shorts, high waist sailor skirt or a cute sun dress in stripes or in navy definitely looks good. However you still need to protect your skin from sunburn so bring along a good sunblock with strong spf. If it gets cooler or chilly at night you can bring a cardigan or a blazer for cover up, or change into jeans/denims to replace the leg-baring shorts and skirts.

If you would like to take a dip on the sea water, take all the key elements mentioned and you can even find a pair of swimwear with a touch of rockabilly/pin up style. Pick a two piece bikini if you want to flaunt your curves, and choose high waist bottoms for the illusion of wider hips, or choose figure flattering boy shorts. If you’re still not confident with your lower body then one piece will do. There are maillots and more styles that can still expose very little skin from your trunk. It’ll still look sexy though!


Nautical Fashion From RebelsMarket


Sailor Style For Men


For day time, a cardigan in navy or even with small or big stripes will definitely look good on any men and now’s the right time to bare leg muscles by wearing preppy shorts paired with boat shoes or just navy colored slippers. For a completely casual look, opt for a graphic t shirt with sailor imagery. For night time, wear a blazer with nautical stripes. If you want you can wear just plain navy blazer with plain white shirt for inner wear or any clothing that has stripes on it too.


Nautical Print Shirts For Men on RebelsMarket
Nautical print shirts for men can be found here


Dress Your Kids With Nautical Inspiration


Breton tops and nautical berets look oh so cute for the little ones. Let little boys wear denim shorts and navy coats and striped skirts or striped dress for little girls. If you want them to have the same outfit then let them wear a striped cardigan paired with denim.


Kids look precious in nautical styles
Photo courtesy of People


Summer Footwear With Yacht Club Flair


Boat shoes can be for men or women, depending on the color and design that you’ll choose. Navy blue colored or striped slippers can be paired with any nautical themed outfit we’ve mentioned. Heels for ladies were very stylish, make sure it’s still nautical themed.


Simple boat shoes add a nautical touch to your summer style.



The Perfect Accessories For Sailor Fashion


An outfit isn’t complete without something to make it pop a little more so you can add a hand bag, tote bag or shoulder bag that’s sailor inspired. Boat shoes, officer cap, nautical berets, sailor cap, rope like belts, ship inspired charm bracelets and jewelry. As long as it has a touch of anything that relates to the sea or cruising, it will do.


Jewelry with classic naval tattoo imagery on RebelsMarket
Classic navy tattoo inspired jewelry is here


Don't Be Afraid To Break The Rules Of Classic Nautical Fashion


Red and Navy blue aren’t the only colors for nautical fashion. Play up with colors like yellow, corals, and replace navy blue with black. The color of stripes can be red, orange, and even green! You can also try military inspired blazers and coats, or associate the nautical look with vintage rockabilly and retro pin up since they’re related.

Enjoy your summer, Rebels! I’m sure you have a striped piece of clothing sitting there in your wardrobe. Just maximize its use with cover ups and add accessories.

If you would like to add more or share more fashion and style tips, comment below!


Nautical Inspired Fashion on RebelsMarket

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