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Ten Tips For Looking Chic With Accessories

Riley Davis Update on 21-04-2018
Ten Tips For Looking Chic With Accessories

Accessories make an outfit. They can turn a boring ensemble into something fabulous and fashionable, or can make the latest fashion look dated or trashy.

Accessories can make an outfit.

Don’t know how to wear your accessories? Have far too many accessories but don’t know what to do with them? Like the look of what you see in stores and online but not sure what to choose?

Here are some tips for using accessories.

1) Add a statement necklace

Adding a necklace to an outfit can be the easiest and simplest way to lift your style. Over a plain black
t-shirt, a feature necklace with a pendant on a longer chain creates an eye-catching focus. A shorter necklace on skin, such as a choker, will bring the eye's attention to your neck and shoulders.

Skull necklaces can accessorize outfits for men and women.
Skull necklaces can make a statement for men and women. Shop here

2) Tie on a scarf

Scarves are so versatile and come in any color and design you can imagine. They can add a pop of color and pattern to an all black outfit. Try matching the color of your scarf to your eyes, hair accessories, or other colors on you clothing.  Scarves can be worn loose around the shoulders, tied in an open loop around the neck, knotted to the side, or even on the strap of your handbag. Scarves do so much more than keep your neck warm, they can bring all the colors of the outfit together.

Scarves are a versatile accessory. Here are 9 ways to wear one piece.
Photo courtesy of the Image Kid

3) Wear a hat

Hats are tricky – not everyone can wear them. Try hats on in store and see which designs suit you best before buying any. If you find larger hats are not your style, go for a steampunk fascinator. These are smaller hair pieces which are adorned with feathers and jewels to wear with an up-do. You will feel sophisticated!

Hats and Fascinators add a bit of whimsy

4) Add bracelets

Bracelets should be worn layered. Try stacking 3-10 on one wrist. It is easy to buy them in themed packs of three. Often they will come in similar designs in varying colours, and you can mix and match them together.  Bracelets add colour and sound and are a traditional piece of jewelry in many countries.

Choose a theme for your accessories.
Layer a stack of skull bracelets. Shop here

5) Rings

There are two types of rings: costume jewelry and more expensive lifetime pieces. If you are a costume jewelry girl, you can go crazy with rings! Stock up on any style from bold, skull rings to simple metal bands. You can never get enough and you can change them as often as you like.

For those special rings, (engagement, wedding and eternity rings, heirloom family rings, etc) treasure them. Give them the space they deserve and pride of place on your fingers.

Keep the two separate, costume jewelry can be confusing alongside more significant pieces. But most of all, have fun with rings. Choose large, bright stones for a dramatic glamorous look; or bold metallic pieces for an edgy steampunk look.

Draw inspiration from classic tattoo designs

6) Earrings

Earrings are always in fashion but popularity of styles changes often. Dragons, cats, and other designs which curl up around the top of the ear are a fun twist on the classic hoops and studs. Women with short hair should try wearing a bolder earring to call more attention to the face.

Handmade jewelry artists stay on top of trends.
Handmade jewelry artists provide an economic way to stay on top of earring trends. Shop here

7) Layering accessories

Wear multiple accessories when you are sure of yourself. Try two or three necklaces. One bold design accompanied by two plain or smaller chains will emphasise your look without overloading your outfit. Multiple rings and bracelets are easy, and add a sense of fun and confidence to your style.

Boho Jewelry is colorful and chic

8) Socks and tights

Color coordinate or contrast your look with leggings, tights and stockings to make you stand out from the crowd. Various celebrities have been spotted out and about with this look. Leggings are fun, comfortable, and casual. 

Leggings and Tights are an unexpected way to accessorize.
Leggings in a fun print are a great way to add a twist to your outfit. Find more here

9) Gloves

Short leather gloves are so easy to do right and instantly add sophistication to your outfit. They also come in gorgeously soft leathers that are simply amazing to wear. Longer gloves can lend an air of romance to your ensemble.

Do not overlook gloves as an option for accessorizing.

10) A feature piece

If you would rather, try one feature item like a bold necklace, a large ring, or a belt with a large buckle that stands out and ties your outfit together.

Looking great with accessories

Be bold and fearless with earrings, bracelets, scarves, hats, neclaces and rings! Accessories must be worn bravely. 

When it comes to accessories, do you believe less is more or the more the merrier? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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