What’s A Health Goth And How Do I Become One?

What’s A Health Goth And How Do I Become One?

Health goth is a new subculture that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a mix of gothic fashion, fitness and health consciousness, and a penchant for the darker side of life. If you're looking to join the health goth movement, here's what you need to know and how to get started.

"Despite what the name suggests, it’s not based on dressing like Morticia Addams while embarking on a strict vegan diet. Rather, it’s a very modern mix of gothic and punk sensibilities (think dark colours, figure-hugging silhouettes and heavy statement accessories) and futuristic sport-luxe." - Marie Claire

The words health and goth don't usually go hand in hand - you wouldn't expect to see Marilyn Manson jogging around his local park, FitBit on the wrist, tracking his daily stats, after all.

But like any alternative subculture worth its salt, the health goth movement has flipped traditional notions on its head, presenting ambitious youths with a fresh way of looking, living, listening and feeling in this often confused and crazy world.

As the above quote suggests, health goth is about more than amalgamating doing sports and eating superfoods with dressing in black - it’s an ethos, a movement and it’s produced some pretty incredible aesthetics in its so far short life.

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So, Where Did Health Goth Start?

Well, according to legend, it all kicked off a few years ago when US musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott or the Magic Fades started uploading images they were inspired by to their social media channels, turning the heads of the public eye (or a tight-knit cross-section of fans to be precise).

Before long, the pair's extensive library of futuristic, monochrome stylings gained over five thousand followers, and today, the health goth movement is well, healthier than ever.

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What’s Health Goth All about, Exactly?

According to its creators, the health goth movement takes many core elements of the traditional goth subculture regarding look and feel and brings it into the modern world with a dark aesthetic consisting of wicker-mesh clothing and sports performance wear.

To put the whole health goth movement into perspective, here is a comment from one of its core creators (along with Mike and Jeremy), Chris Cantino on what it all means on a basic level when speaking to VICE on the subject:

"At its most basic, health goth is a collection of styles and mindsets that already exist - like street goth, various internet stuff, and clothing fetish videos - that we’ve brought together on Facebook. It’s also obviously influenced by sports advertisements and the rendered environments they create."

What's interesting is that according to health goth's founders, the healthy living and exercise part of the culture wasn't initially an integral part of the movement, but because of its somewhat sporty aesthetic, many people adopted this notion and ran with it (excuse the pun). But, all in all, healthy living is a good thing, it makes a welcome addition to the movement.

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The 10 Commandments of Health Goth

Now according to monumental health goth, Deathface, there are 10 commandments of the movement. You can check out the entire manifesto here, but for your short-term reading pleasure, we've cherry-picked four (make of them what you will):

  • North Face is not health goth. North Face is for yuppies, and while we're on the subject of yuppies&hellip.
  • Commandment three: Running is not health goth either. Neither is yoga, that's also for yuppies.
  • Commandment five: Don't check yourself out in the mirror at the gym. Health goths wait until they get home to flex so they can see how big their lats have gotten.
  • Commandment eight: Don't skip leg day.
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How to Look like a Health Goth

So, when it comes to getting the health goth look spot on, high-performance sportswear is vital, but a lot of inspiration also comes from sci-fi and cyberpunk, which adds the futuristic element into the mix.

If you're reading this and thinking, 'I want a piece of the health goth action,' here are a few practical pointers on how you can sport the look:

  • Wear longline sports tops, mesh inserts, wet-look fabrics.
  • Don perspex accessories to help create that punky, sci-fi look.
  • Use black at the core of your outfit but add glimmers of silver and white to complete that streamlined, space-age aesthetic.
  • Sport hi-tech sneakers, metallic make-up or mesh-panelled t-shirts to add a little bit of personal pizazz to your overall health goth look.
Health Goth: What is It?


Notable health goths you should follow

Now you're hooked on all things health goth, to stay up to date with the latest moves, shakes, trends and developments, you should follow these notable health goths on social media:

  • Johnny Love (@DEATHFACE on Twitter): An advocate of health goth and someone who has helped to expand its reach monumentally. Oh, and did we mention, he is Deathface!
  • Glenn Danzig (@GlennDanzig on Twitter): Founder of dark rock band Danzig and a gothic man that keeps in excellent shape.
  • Magic Fades (@magicfades on Twitter): As mentioned, the band consisting of two of the world's biggest health goth pioneers.
  • The original health goth Facebook page: The original health goth page created by founders Mike and Jeremy.
A Guide to Health Goth Fashion

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Health goth is a movement that incorporates an injection of good living into a subversive subculture that has offered countless youths the freedom to express themselves through art, music and fashion.

If you want to become part of this exciting subculture and add a sporty, futuristic touch to your gothic wardrobe, check out our range of awesome clothing and accessories. Once you’ve put together your health goth look, be sure to share it with us on Instagram.

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