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By Cherish Marasigan/ comments

Fashion Style Trends From Seoul, South Korea You Didn'T Know!

July 11, 2014
Fashion Style Trends From Seoul, South Korea You Didn'T Know!

Located in central Asia, the city of Seoul in South Korea is dominated by the Korean pop craze and trends ranging from street style to high fashion. The country is filled with tourists who are interested in its historical places, amusement parks and most importantly amazing concerts by their world-famous Korean musicians. The annual seasons of the country offers a wide variety of style and rapid changes in the fashion of the local celebrities.

To learn more about their style trends, let’s first take a peek on South Korea’s iconic street wear trendsetters.

A) The “Idols”

The term ‘idols’ is used to refer to their favorite celebrity. Their music videos, which are in high definition and use the latest camera technology, show flawless individuals wearing lavish street urban accessories and drool-worthy ensembles. Their wacky hairstyles, unique style and make-up changes every time they release or promote a new album or product. 

Pop Stars of South Korea

Ulzzang fashion

Pronounced as Eol-jjang; Eol meaning “face” and jjang meaning “best”, Ulzzang fashion is South Korea’s internet celebrities who are now referred to as a subculture. Described to be inhumanly beautiful, Ulzzang girls usually wear make-up that resembles dolls. Using eyelid glue, circle lenses with big diameters, eye contouring and eye-liner, their look is desired by many. 

Ulzzang boys may wear makeup but it’s more subtle and natural looking. Other than their attractive v-shaped faces, their style and fashion has gathered followers to the point of inspiring middle school and high school students. The social networking site that made the Ulzzangs famous is called Minihompy, it’s like a collaboration of Facebook and Sims.

CL  South Korean singerrapperdancerlyricist and songwriter is seen in Alexander McQueen's reptile collection.

South Korea Fashion Inspiration

 CL wearing one of the reptile collection from Alexander Mcqueen

Now let’s take a peek on the streets of Seoul celebrity fashion street inspirations to find out a few style tips to see how you incorporate South Korean fashion in your wardrobe.

1.    Hairstyles

Gone are the days of spiky layered hairstyles that we used to see from the late ‘90’s, and the infamous Asian mullet haircuts. Men go from soft mohican to hard mohican cuts. The Mohawk is great for a punk rock look. Men also go for artistic strips for their head. There’s also two block cut where the side and back is shaved leaving the front long. Bowl cuts will also never die for both genders. 

Now, women are dyeing their hair peach, caramel and even blonde colors. Bob cuts and beach waves with side swept or full bangs are also popular. Styling hair into buns or braids also has Korean urban inspiration.

South Korea Hairstyles

2. Makeup for Women 

To complement the latest hair color and fashionable outfits, women go for fresh, natural looking make-up, concentrating on the skin and eyes. Women make sure to avoid foundation so as not to have heavy looking make-up going for BB cream or blemish balm creams to make the skin look natural. For eyes, using eye contouring and black eyeliners give the illusion of “doe” eyes. It’s like a more toned down Ulzzang girl makeup. A little blush on your cheeks, lip tints in the center of your lips for a ‘just bitten’ look and a clear gloss.

3. Accessories

Koreans are into street caps and snapback hats, whether they’re colorful or just plain black, like the ones worn by A$AP Rocky and other American Street Goth rappers.

Some prefer hoodies for quick cover up and bonnets or beanies during the transition of the climate. Shawls, mitts and ear muffs are worn during cold seasons. Most K-pop stars promote Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and the Korean youth are often seen wearing Beats by Dre or any other colored headphones. Skull inspired jewelry is also commonly seen as part of their edgy accessories

Couple Shirts

Koreans are known for wearing matching shirts of any style, cuts and form. It can be sweaters, jackets, or even matching accessories. This is how you can easily distinguish them in public.


Bottoms can be in form of skinnies, either colorful or with artsy patterns. Worn out jeans, sweat pants, skater or peplum skirts. For men, skinnies are also a must. They are even brave enough to wear colorful pants or jeans as well. Skirts for men like those we see from American street goth style is also common.

ClockwiseSexy Curve Patchwork Fishnet Pantyhose TightsOmen Skater Dress Kitty RocksMen Harem Black Skull Baggy Pants TrousersHeavy Distressed Accent Vintage Stain Jeans

Foot wear

After two decades, the high tops have resurged and now brought back by the k-pop stars once again. Adidas, Nike, Reebok  and more have come up with colorful high tops that are appealing to most middle and high school students.

Love or Hate K-pop, you can’t deny the fact that they’ve dominated the Western market. The younger generation all over the world digs their music, culture and style.

I’m sure you’ve heard some Korean music somewhere in your neighborhood, if not, you soon will!

Check out the famous Psy who is slowly gaining in popularity in the West featuring Snoop Dogg in Hangover.

Do you think the Korean fashion sense is a bit odd or do you like it?? Share your opinion leaving your comment below!