Unisex Pieces Every Couple Must Own

Unisex Pieces Every Couple Must Own

Clothing and accessories can be expensive, so if you can save some money to spare your wallet when the opportunity comes up, you take it! Keep on top of the androgyny trend and save some cash by sharing clothing with your significant other. Starting with basic mens tops, you can add accessories and styling tricks to make the perfect everyday outfit.


Men's Dress Shirts

A men's dress shirt is an easy piece for couple's to share.



Let's start off with the obvious here, men's button up dress shirts are perfect for sharing! For work or a formal event, guys can wear these dress shirts buttoned up and tucked into a pair of stylish dress pants. For a more casual look, you can layer your dress shirt over a cheap graphic tee with jeans and ankle boots or sneakers.

For the ladies, you can wear your boyfriend's shirt as a dress, or over simple black leggings if it's a bit too short to wear alone. If you want to add more shape to the shirt, all you have to do is tie an edgy belt around your waist to emphasize your hourglass figure. Pair the dress shirt with sandals, heels, or flats to fit any occasion! 



A stylish blazer is a Must Have unisex style for men and women.

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Work, work, work, work, work in style with your significant other's blazer! Oversized blazers are a great option so that they can fit the both of you regardless of size differences. Fitted black jackets complete an outfit and can completely change the vibe of what you're wearing. Throwing on a blazer can instantly make you look like a CEO and make you feel more confident! Add sophistication to a cool printed tee and boyfriend jeans with a structured jacket for the perfect casual- chic look.


Tee Shirts

Cheap graphic tees can round out a couple's wardrobe

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Perhaps the easiest item of clothing to share... a t- shirt! Graphic tees in particular are great if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend share the same taste in design or same love for a certain band. For a feminine look, you can pair a cheap simple tee with a flared skater skirt and ankle booties. Add some simple accessories like a dainty metallic necklace or bangle bracelets to complete your outfit, or take it in the other direction with distressed jeans and sneakers for a casual ensemble. Again, think oversized tees if you and your main squeeze are different sizes!



Unisex accessories can be shared by couples.


What would an outfit be without accessories? Uh, boring. Keep accessories easy by sharing edgy pieces like aviator sunglasses, skull messenger bags, vintage backpacks, steampunk watches, and simple pendant necklaces. Skull rings are a great choice to keep a masculine touch for the guys and add some serious edge for the ladies. 


What clothing and accessories do you share with your significant other? Let us know in the comments below!


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