Gender Fluid Style: 10 Must Have Unisex Pieces For An Androgynous Look

Gender Fluid Style: 10 Must Have Unisex Pieces For An Androgynous Look

Are you looking to create an androgynous look that leaves people guessing? Then gender fluid style is the perfect approach for you! This trend is all about mixing and matching pieces from both men and women’s fashion to create a look that is unique, stylish, and truly androgynous. Here are 10 must-have gender fluid pieces that will help you create an amazing androgynous look.

Androgyny is having a moment in the fashion world right now. If you keep up with the fashion scene, you know that androgyny is a huge trend right now. It's been popping up on runways, in celebrity fashion, and even on the street. And it's not hard to see why this trend is so popular. 

Androgynous clothing is chic and stylish, but it also has a rebellious edge that appeals to many people. It can be as simple as pairing a dress with sneakers or throwing on a jacket over a sundress. 

Androgyny is about experimenting with your personal style and breaking free from traditional gender norms. Whether you're into menswear-inspired looks or girly dresses with a twist, there's an androgynous look for everyone. 

Additionally, androgynous fashion is inclusive and can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity. So whether you're looking to add a little edge to your wardrobe or you're just trying to find some new clothes that make you feel good, don't be afraid to embrace the androgynous trend.

As progressive steps are made to achieve a wider acceptance of gender fluidity, it's becoming more and more common for both girls and guys to rock the same clothing and accessories- which we think is awesome.

Check out our top must haves to achieve an androgynous look and still stay chic!


Punk Boots

Punk boots are a perfect shoe choice for an androgynous look.

In the world of shoes, it can be a little hard to find something stylish that both guys and girls can fit into. For an edgy androgynous style, look for a pair of combat boots or platform boots with studs and spikes, or distressed material.


Skull Rings

Wear a skull ring to add an edge to your androgynous outfit.

Accessories are another tough outfit element to tackle when going for a gender fluid look. Dainty, small jewelry often has a feminine look, so our go to are skull rings. Wear stacks of Goth statement rings for a polished, yet unisex appropriate accessory. If you're feeling daring, you can even go for a skull hand chain.


Black Leather Jacket

Black leather jackets are great staples to go with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Three words: Black. Leather. Jacket. It's a staple that we've mentioned time and time again, simply because it is a must have in your wardrobe at ALL times. Classic motorcycle jackets are a perfect layer for any outfit and gender.


Graphic Tank Tops

Rock a graphic tank top with a slogan, band, or cool design.

A piece that's great for every season are graphic tank tops. You can wear tanks alone during the summer weather, or layered with an embroidered button down or flannel shirt in the fall or winter. Grab a top that's printed with your favorite band, design, or slogan. 


Plaid Kilt

Jaden Smith featured wearing a plaid kilt in Vogue Korea.

We get that kilts are a bit out there, but why not just go for it? Rock a confident, gender-fluid look like Jaden Smith in a unique plaid kilt. Make it an outfit by wearing a solid color button-down shirt or slouchy tee. 


Button Down Dress Shirts

Style a button down dress shirt with boyfriend jeans.

Perhaps the best simple staple for androgynous style is a button down dress shirt.  Classic shirts can be paired with skirts for a more femme look, or with slim fit slacks and boyfriend jeans for business- casual ensembles. To accessorize, wear simple metal chains or bar necklaces.



Long line blazers create a chic, androgynous look.

When you're stuck on what to layer over your outfit, go for a fitted blazer. Both longline and cropped, tailored jackets add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to any look. You can shop easily in either the girls or guys section in the search for your perfect fit.



Wear a flannel over a tank or tie it around your waist.

Flannel shirts are quite possibly the most comfortable layer you'll ever lay your hands on, which is a good enough reason to have at least one in your closet. Layer a cozy button down over a graphic tee, tank top, or even a floral outfit to add a grunge, masculine feel to your style. Tie your flannel shirt around your waist for an alternative, cute way to wear this top.



Wear joggers for a comfy yet put- together outfit.

Jogger pants are a cozy alternative to jeans and a more stylish alternative to wide leg sweatpants. Pick out fleece lined joggers for cold weather, or light cotton slim- fitting sweats for your beach vacation.



Layer a vest over a tank or button down shirt for a professional style.

For a business-chic look, try a suit vest to layer on over your button- down shirt. If you're going for a rebel rocker vibe, wear a leather or denim vest instead. Any of these options act as great layers to add to your androgynous look. 

Are you into androgynous style? Which of these must- haves are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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