Steal the Look: Classic David Bowie

Steal the Look: Classic David Bowie

David Bowie has been an icon for decades, influencing generations of music lovers around the world. His iconic style is timeless, and it's easy to recreate some of his classic looks with a few key pieces. In this article, we will take a look at how to steal the look of classic David Bowie and create your own unique style. Get ready to rock!

David Bowie's Glam Rock Style Through The Ages


With the recent untimely passing of rock legend David Bowie, it’s only fair to pay tribute to one of the most inspirational figures in both music and fashion history. David Bowie was a style chameleon throughout his four­ decade long career, with the introduction of a new persona from “Ziggy Stardust” to the “Thin White Duke” every few years. This guide will give you all of the details on how to steal David Bowie’s classic​ glam rock fashion ​looks throughout his style evolution and make them your own.


Fearless Details On Clothing And Accessories 

From all of David Bowie’s individual personas he took on as a form of self­ expression, each of them represented Bowie being unapologetically himself. To keep the edge and mystery of David Bowie’s fashion statements but tone them down for everyday wear, take a venture into the world of​ s​tuds and spikes.​ Metal accents are great, small details that make a big impact and can be found on clothing and accessories ranging all the way from jackets to shoes and then some. Check out some ideas below of how to rock studs and spikes


Spikes and studs are important details to achieve David Bowie's glam rock style.



Stunning Silhouettes

Bowie was known for his shocking silhouettes, but for a large part of his career (especially during the Ziggy Stardust days) he wore fabrics that were skintight. To recreate this look to flatter any figure, go for a slimming leather corset that will hug, but not restrict, your body. Corsets are perfect for a night out or a concert and can be paired flawlessly with jeans, black leather pants, or flared miniskirts, depending on your mood. For additional stretch, look for a corset made with elastane or spandex to provide comfort.


Style a corset with a leather jacket and a mini skirt



Top it Off With A Statement Leather Jacket

Adding an awesome leather jacket to your outfit will be sure to bring on the burst of confidence that David Bowie always had in his performances. Leather jackets come in a variety of colors, silhouettes, textures, and are a perfect layer for both guys and girls. Leather, or faux leather for a vegan option, are great pieces to invest in because of their versatility and ability to go with everything that’s already in your wardrobe. Leather coats are a classic staple with a rebellious edge that will never go out of style. Both on and off stage, David Bowie was known for wearing black leather jackets more times than you can count. In fact, some of his most famous photos like the ones below were taken while he was wearing a leather mortorcycle jacket:



End it with a Bang - Finding The Right Shoes

To make your outfit really pop, put on a pair of platform boots. Super tall boots were a staple in David Bowie’s stage wear to make his look dramatic from top to bottom. Depending on your comfort level with wearing platforms, there are many different heights and styles to accommodate your aesthetic. Whether it be knee- high leather or pump- style satin, the extra height will elongate your legs and amp up your outfit.


David Bowie wears platform boots to intensify his style             


How will you transform your look into a David Bowie inspired style? Leave us a comment below!


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Main Photos Courtesy of: Rolling Stone, People, and Helen Green.


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