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A Girlfriend's Guide to Getting the Super-Short Hair You Crave

A Girlfriend's Guide to Getting the Super-Short Hair You Crave

Are you ready to make the leap and get the super-short hair you've been dreaming of? Making this kind of drastic change can be daunting, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can create the look you've been wanting. This guide will walk you through the process of getting the super-short hair you crave. From the right haircut to maintenance tips, you'll be ready to rock your new 'do in no time. So, let's get started!

You see them everywhere – women in the public eye from actresses to activists who are out there rocking super-short hair and loving every moment of it. You’ve seen them all around you too – on the train, the bus, getting coffee in the morning, going out at night. Super short hair is everywhere!

If you have long locks and are dreaming of letting them go, you’re not alone. Maybe you want to rock super-short pastel hair ready for the festival season - but you're worried about the daunting permanence of lopping off your locks? The scissors can be scary, especially if this style is something you’ve never tried before.

Here’s everything you’ve wanted to know about lopping your hair off into a pixie cut, but didn’t have someone to ask for advice.

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What Is It That Makes You Want Super-short Hair?

Maybe you love to train at the gym or play a sport, and you’re tired of your ponytail whipping back and forth. Maybe you have a new baby and would enjoy snuggling more without the accidental hair pulling. Maybe you have thick hair and are tired of snapping elastics, or you have thin hair and are tired of clips and barrettes sliding out.

Whatever your reason (or reasons) for longing for shorter hair, they are great reasons to try a new do! Keeping those reasons in mind when your confidence wavers can be a big help, so take out a little paper or your favorite note-taking app and write some reminders about the things you are looking forward to with short hair.

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Cut a Bit at a Time… or Lop It Off in One Fell Swoop

If you have very long hair that dips below your waist, going straight to a pixie cut can feel a bit extreme, and that’s ok! If you’re looking for an extreme change, go ahead and hack it all off at once - but if a baby step feels more your speed, start by taking off a bit of length at a time.

Going from extremely long hair to short hair can be a big shift (just wait till the first time you wash it and notice how little shampoo you need now), and it’s up to you how you want to make that change: dipping your toe in first and getting used to the feeling, or taking a running leap straight in. There’s no ‘wrong way’ to go after the style you want, whether it’s all at once or a little bit at a time.