DIY Halloween Decor - Easy, Creepy, And Creative Projects

DIY Halloween Decor - Easy, Creepy, And Creative Projects

The countdown is on! Halloween is on the way, and it's time to get together all the essentials for your DIY decoration projects. Most of the following projects are simple, with just a couple of exceptions for those of you who want to go above and beyond. 

Keep reading for some awesome DIY Halloween decor ideas that are great for both inside and outside the house!


Black Paper Flowers


DIY Halloween Decor - Black Paper Flowers
Country Living


These black paper flowers make a great centerpiece for your dining table and are perfect in pots to line your outdoor steps. Plus, they're easy enough to make by yourself, and they're an even better family activity. Place several bouquets of fake flowers in vases all around the house for an easy Halloween party decoration DIY. Follow the simple directions here to give your living space a soft, gothic touch.


Potion Bottles


DIY Halloween Decor - Potion Bottles
Crafty in Crosby


If you want to feel like you're living in real- life Halloweentown, make these potion bottles! Here you can find instructions and printable bottle labels to make this project in no time. You can customize your potion bottles by gluing on fake spiders, twine, and miniature skeletons and skulls. Fill each bottle with a mixture of water and food coloring for different colored "poisons" or place an emergency candle in the bottle openings. If you decide to go the candle route, drip red or black wax onto the top of the bottle for an eerie detail.


Floating Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - Floating Candles

Harry Potter Party Ideas


If you're Harry Potter obsessed (and even if you're not), this DIY is definitely for you! To make these floating candles, all you'll need are some electric tealights, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and fishing line. You can follow a more detailed description here to transform your house into a mysterious lair. You can even hang some of these unique candles outside on a porch to wow the trick- or- treaters this year!


Spooky Soap


DIY Halloween Decor - Spooky Soap
Little Bins for Little Hands


This craft is great whether you're planning a Halloween party, or you just want to add some scary details to your soap! Use any hand soap and pop in skull beads, bat confetti, and pumpkin and black cat cut- outs. Add some more detail by adding fall- colored ribbon, like rustic reds and burnt orange, tied in a bow near the soap pump. 


Ghost Garland


DIY Halloween Decor - Ghost Garland
Design, Dining and Diapers


Another craft that's suitable for the indoors and outdoors is this adorable ghost garland! For anyone who likes cute Halloween decor over scary, this is for you. Simply wrap white fabric around lantern string lights, tie on some white string to distinguish the ghost head, and draw on a spooky face with a black permanent marker! You can follow step by step instructions right here.


Candy Corn Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - Candy Corn Candles



First off, stop hating on the candy corn, alright? It's delicious, and I don't care what anyone says. If you're one of those people that can't stand the taste, though, they can be put to good use in a candle holder. Just fill up a glass vase with candy corn (if you can manage to sacrifice any) and place a candle in the pile of sweets.


Glowing Eyes


DIY Halloween Decor - Glowing Eyes
The Meta Picture


You never knew that toilet paper rolls had this much use until now, did you? For this project, all you need to do is cut out eye shapes in a paper towel or toilet paper roll and insert a glow stick. Place these glowing eyes in bushes outside the house to keep people from stealing all of your Halloween candy you left out, or use them as a creepy nightlight in the bathroom or kitchen. 


Skull Wreath

DIY Halloween Decor - Skull Wreath

Tried and True


Another great, inexpensive DIY outdoor decor for Halloween is a sparkling skull wreath. All you need are as few or as many styrofoam skulls as you want (you can snag these from the dollar store), thin but sturdy wire, ribbon, and hot glue. Follow the detailed instructions here for a great addition to your front door!


Halloween Lanterns

DIY Halloween Decor - Halloween Lanterns

Adventure in a Box


This project is a little bit more involved than the previous, but you still only need a few items to make it work. Pick up spray paint in the color of your choice, glass jars, a paint marker, and print out the designs shown here. These lanterns are great for unique, dim lighting inside and out. 


Magnetic Spiders


DIY Halloween Decor - Magnetic Spiders
Delia Creates


Don't you love cheap DIYs? For this simple idea, all you need are plastic spiders, magnet strips, scissors, and a hot glue gun. If you don't have any magnetic surfaces you want to put these faux spiders on, glue the spiders onto a piece of paper as a base. You can then stick some strong double- sided tape or command strips on the other side of the paper to allow the spiders to adhere to multiple surfaces. 


Pebble Monsters

DIY Halloween Decor - Pebble Monsters

Morning Creativity


How cute are these?! These pebble monsters are a great activity for kids and adults alike. Let your creativity run free with your own monster designs or take ideas from these ones. Just dip a rock or pebble in acrylic paint, let it dry, draw on a mouth and glue on some googly eyes. Voila, you have an afternoon project that's so easy you can snack on some fall treats during it.


Chicken Wire Ghost


DIY Halloween Decor - Chicken Wire Ghost
This Old House


Last but certainly not least, this wire ghost is nothing short of amazing! This DIY is definitely the most difficult, but it only involves chicken wire. It'll cost about $20 and should last you quite a while, so if you have several hours to spare it's worth a shot! These wire ghosts look especially cool, and more realistic, from afar. Place one or two in your front yard so people can see them as they drive or walk by. Follow the instructions here for everything you need to know!


Which of these DIYs do you like to try? Any other ideas? We'd love to hear from you- let us know in the comments below!


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