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Ghost Costumes

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts!" will be the song of the day on October 31st, but why not give people something to be scared of with our collection of ghost costumes. These wraith-like Halloween costumes for kids and adults will be the highlight of the night as you wander through the graveyard, haunted houses, or trick-or-treating. From classic movies like Jaws, Scream, Ghostbusters, Hannibal to Five Nights at Freddy’s, there is something spooky that you are sure to love. Wouldn't it be fun to walk into a party and give guests a big scare with our horror collection? The selection is sure to frighten even the stoniest of individuals. So get shopping today and make this Halloween a night to remember!  

Do you think that being spooky at a party is cool? Well, you can go for it at your next themed event and rock the look to the core. Halloween is the spookiest of seasons, so it is only super-natural that a creepy ghost outfit makes a popular staple, nothing like a few clanking chains, white sheets, and spooky sounds to make this holiday come to after-life. Ghosts usually have a scary image, but you don’t necessarily have to scare the hell out of everyone to win hearts at the party or carnival. You can do so by dressing up in your preferred ensemble and playing the role of your favorite character in the best possible way. So add a little witchcraft to your Halloween outfit when you shop from our selection that is sure to be a blast while hooting and hollering through the neighborhood.

Ghost Rider Costume to pull off this Halloween:

Have you seen the Ghost Rider movie? Do you think that he is a fun character to dress as? When the motorcyclist character Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil to save his father’s life, he is transformed into a Ghost rider. The character is among the many Halloween costumes that are pretty scary, with the signature flames coming out of the head. You can find the Ghost Rider costume to scare your friends and family this Halloween. Be the fiercest of them all with the skeleton costume at the next party or carnival.

Scream!! - the tale of a ghost face mask murderer:

Wes Craven has crafted some of the wildest thriller movies; he invented the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, where Freddy Krueger terrorized young kids in their dreams. He also struck gold with MTV’s classic horror film, Scream. In the movie, a mysterious killer ends up murdering a bunch of victims in a small town. The killer used a ghost face mask to hide his identity until the very end. This Halloween, you can look like the unidentified killer from the original film with the scary scream costume. Will you follow the rules of horror movie tropes, or will you wander the neighborhood scaring unsuspecting trick-or-treaters? The choice is up to you! Get the horror movie outfit today and make people scream with no mercy!

Charlie Brown Costume – definitely a cute ghost:

Another exciting option that you have is the Charlie Brown ghost costume. This is a classic outfit from the Peanuts Gang cartoons. Pretend you're waiting for the Great Pumpkin with this ensemble. You can dress up in this or buy one for your young one for a simple look at the themed party or carnival. Being a themed dress, the Charlie Brown Costume can also be worn at the Halloween party.

Pacman costume to let you enjoy the digital game in the real world:

We are sure that you have played Pacman at least once. Would you like to play it in the real world? Shop a Pacman ghost costume from our monster collection for yourself or loved ones. With your entire group dressed up in Pacman characters, the neighborhood will cease to be a fun place to trick or treat!

Toddler ghost costume for your little ones:

How would a toddler look in a spooky costume? Extremely cute with a hint of evil, we guess. Why not try some of our pieces? The mini Ghost Rider, Banquo, Moaning Myrtle, and King Hamlet are a few costume suggestions you can dress your toddler in.

Kids costumes can help you enjoy your family party: 

Not only do toddlers wear these spooky outfits, but your older kids can also have something to scare off their friends at the theme party. We have a wide selection for boys and girls, from ghost ninjas to wraith-looking pirates. Check out our Day of the Dead collection for various looks to honor the dead that your boy or girl can wear. Whether they want to put a sheet over their heads or go full bananas this Halloween, shop at our online store for a scary makeover. While you have an option to buy outfits for kids, toddlers, and even yourself, why not dress like a ghost family? It will be fun!

Adult costumes for a fun spooky night:

These costumes aren’t just for kids; we have a wide selection for men and women as well. Gothic Victorian story enthusiasts will love the ghastly ghoul costume for men and the haunted ghost bride for women, perfect for making you look like you are emerging from the graveyard mist. Check out our gothic collection for other scary pieces, like the forsaken souls and BeetleJuice that will give you a dark look. 

We have a wide range of ghost costumes for all ages, sizes, and styles. Whether you want to be a ghost hunter or the real deal, check out our variety of creepy looks for all the action on Halloween night! We can never seem to get enough of these haunted beings, especially in October. Explore our collection of cosplay accessories today and find yourself an ensemble that will keep others in awe and scared at the same time. Shop with us today and enjoy 10% OFF on your first purchase. Happy shopping, and stay spooky!

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