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Day of the Dead Costumes

Day of the Dead Costume: The name shows this occasion to be a mourning day, but it is celebrated and enjoyed. If you happen to visit Mexico on the Day of the Dead, it would be wise to know everything about this day and not assume much as the name has reflected it.

First things first, don’t try to mix this day with Halloween. You are not expected to dress like a human skeleton or ghosts to scare others around you; rather the local people prefer to dress in the traditional Mexican attire, or similar to the deceased soul they are remembering. 

So, you don’t have to do anything extra-ordinary (if you don’t want to) when it comes to the Day Of the Dead costume.

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that makeup is given a higher priority on this occasion. And this is where skull make-ups, dressing up like deeds, or maybe a Halloween touch adds up.

Day of the dead costume ideas;

If you don’t have any ideas of how to dress up on this special occasion in the Mexican tradition, here are some Day of the dead costume ideas. Keep in mind that you don’t have to dress up necessarily if you don’t want to. But if you are willing to have fun, then make sure to use vibrant color dresses.

Skull-shaped and devil-shaped masks are quite common, and you are expected to wear them out of respect to the deceased.

Mexico day of the dead costume:

You don’t necessarily have to be visiting Day of the Dead celebrations to be wearing a Mexico Day of the Dead costume. It would be an amazing idea to use these costume ideas for Halloween too. 

You might not want to wear everything you wear on Halloween to this Mexican traditional Day; however, you can use these dresses for Halloween comfortably.

Men's Day of the Dead costume:

The men's Day of the Dead costume involves formal attire, which is a three-piece suit. However, this attire can have skulls or devils printed on it, especially for the Day Of The Dead's celebrations. Similarly, the face is also painted in the skeleton look. A stylish hat with the bony gloves fitting the suit would make you ready to attend the event.

Women Day of the Dead costume:

La Novia Muerta dress and Senorita Muerta outfit are the most-worn Day Of The Dead costumes for women. Usually, the skull makeup with flowers is done to complement the look for the occasion. Some women might dress in the skull outfit on this day.

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