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Day of the Dead Apparel

In Mexico every year the All Hallows day (el di de los muertos) is a day for a very special celebration. Families & Friends party on the the first 2 days of November with a lot of food, drinks & music the annual visit of their dear departed. Mexican people's open relation to the mournful topic of death is not only visible as decoration (skull heads, skeletons, sugar skulls)  but also displayed & expressed in their cheerful looking houses, streets & cemeteries. On RebelsMarket we have a number of Day of the dead clothing and accessories that you can chose from. Be it Day of the dead bags, you will find something.

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Exclusive Day of the Dead Girl Clothing & Accessories

They dont only commemorate the dead but also invite them to this colorful yearly tradition/festival but breath life into them in form of Sugar Skull Handbags , skull decoration, Skull men tees, Day dead girl cameos, jewelry, Skeleton dresses, sexy artsy skull bikini, cross-bone shirts & altars mounted in public places & living rooms richly adorned with flowers, candles & favorite dishes of the dead to strengthen them after the long trip. At midnight it is time for the dead souls to return into the afterlife until next year. To wave Good-Bye mexican families trek to cemeteries which resembles a huge party & festivity place. All over the place you will find happy people, singing, dancing & partying until dawn.