Day of the Dead Apparel

Every year, in Mexico, the All Hallows day (el día de Los Muertos) is when people take to the streets to honor their lost loved ones. Mexican people's open relation to death’s mournful topic is visible in their day of the dead clothing or apparel with skull heads, skeletons, and sugar skulls.

Men and women breathe life into the dead by rocking sugar skull handbags, tees, day of the dead girl outfits, skull jewelry, crossbones shirts, and more. On RebelsMarket, we have several clothing and accessories to suit your fashion needs. From our unique collection of plus-size tees, tops, shirts, & handbags, you have a variety to choose from.

What to look for when shopping for Day of the Dead clothing/apparel online

Different clothing options, colors, and patterns

For the Day of the Dead festival, men's and women’s clothing consists of vibrant colors such as yellow, red, pink, purple, and white. Go for colors that are bright, bold, and lively. Here are a few tips on clothing and accessories to choose from for the festival: 

Colorful outfits

You can opt for stylish and comfortable outfits that bring out the Day of the Dead theme. The outfits include colorful catrina dresses, day of the dead jeans, girl shirts, women’s tops, tees, and so much more. Women also prefer cute Mexican tops with colorful maxi skirts. You can opt for a Day of the Dead t-shirt with sugar skull trousers for a simple look. For footwear, comfortable shoes like sneakers and sandals are preferred over heels because of walking endlessly around the graveyard. 

Men, on the other hand,  wear an ‘EL Catrin’ kind of look. Mexican men often go for a simple but fancy guayabera that looks like an elegant, dark coat and pants. They also prefer to go for colorful or simple black hats and a Dia de Los Muertos jacket or shirt that matches the outfit. You can pair your Day of the Dead slacks with a dapper pair of suspenders, a bandana, neck or bow ties, a fancy cane, and cool fingerless leather gloves. You can also choose to go simple by pairing a tee with Day of the Dead jeans and cool boots for men.

Flashy accessories

When shopping for accessories to wear for the Day of the Dead festival, keep the same rules in mind: big, bold, bright, floral, fancy, and traditionally Mexican. This is the perfect opportunity to wear flashy accessories. You can go for flower headdresses or big fancy flower hats, which you can find on RebelsMarket. Other items to go for are pretty necklaces, traditional and feathery earrings, and Mexican shawls. The ‘extra' accessories are what make your style of clothing unique. Many celebrants also wear skeleton masks to highlight the day and match their outfits.

Skull fashion makeup

A common symbol of the holiday is skull fashion, which ties in with the festival’s message, often depicted through makeup. Therefore, opt for cool striking skull makeup or face paint to honor the day of the dead.

You can shop for cool Día de Los Muertos Apparel to suit your style and preference. RebelsMarket has you covered when it comes to whichever type of clothing you plan on buying, whether regular or plus size. You can shop for a wide variety of Los Muertos clothing at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.


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