Gothic Costumes

If the dark side has ever appealed to you, then our collection of gothic costumes will be sure to keep you looking eerie and mysterious. Shop from RebelsMarket, an alternative online store that caters to misfits with the need for edgy goth clothing. Step into every shade of black as you make your eerie way through the party, keeping your guests constantly shifting from enthralled to terrified at your stunning contrast of darkness and beauty. With so many Halloween and cosplay costumes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice on which dark side to go to. Let us bring out your love for horror attires as you explore what we have in store for you. Make your way to our Halloween collection today.

Goth is an important element in the alternative scene. It takes inspiration from several dark and decadent sources. These include Victorian and Edwardian styles, 19-century medieval literature, from monster characters like Frankenstein to the works of Edgar Allen Poe, walking the line between horror and romance. Old horror films like Beetlejuice also influence these Halloween costumes, bringing in the elements of fantasy and the supernatural. Music styles such as Rock, Dark Wave, and New Wave Punk drew a new fashion sense. Gothic festivals around the world also encourage alternative fans to be creative with creepier ways to flaunt their dark side, converging rebels of all kinds. 

Goth has remained on the periphery of popular styles ever since. It continues to draw a large audience, making the dark-themed outfits some of the most popular dress-ups on the market today. RebelsMarket will secure your wardrobe with an enticing collection of women’s gothic costumes featuring mysterious witches, sexy vampire outfits, horror nuns, and Japanese ninja characters, among others. Men are not forgotten with our unique assortment of men’s gothic costumes, comprising styles such as Pennywise the clown, Freddy Kreuger, the Knight King, and bloody monsters. We have a wide range of products to choose from. Have fun shopping at our store today; we have lots in store!

Gothic costume ideas to pull off this year

Be a wicked goth lover with our collection of witch costumes. We have the sexy black lace gown, complete with a hat and gloves to wear for Halloween, cosplay, or parties. The gown draws inspiration from Wizard of Oz, detailed in lace layers and pleats, with white lace-ups to break the monotony of black. Step into the dark side with Disney evil queen costumes such as Maleficent, with black detailed horns and a flowy gown to match gothic jewelry. That’s not all, we have other scary gothic attires to look out for, such as the scary nun garment, with an LED horror headscarf, and a fitting dress to wear to the festival or a party. Scare the creeps out of your friends and loved ones with our terrifying assortment of goth witch attires guaranteed to put a shocking spell in their faces.

Inspire some childlike terror with our monster costumes. Find characters such as Frankenstein in green plus-size garments to pair as a couple with the white Frankenstein bride dress. You can shop for the mouthless bloody monster mask made of latex, with blood spills to pair with carnival attires or wear with your daily clothing. We also feature a dark clown collection like Pennywise and the Joker from Marvel to send chills down your spine. Inspired by Stephen King from the horror blockbuster ‘It,’ it comes with a gothic blouse and cropped trousers, and a creepy mask for maximum terror. 

The land of the walking dead is looking for more brains to eat. Rise to the occasion with gothic zombie costumes in different designs. If you are looking for new ways to be a zombie, we have a wide range for you to choose from. Shop for doctors, baseball players, cheerleaders, schoolgirls, and many more. We have blood-curdling gothic accessories and props, like Iron Man masks and full-face scary zombie faces to terrorize you in your sleep. How about you shop for the scarecrow mask? There is no funnier way than to scare people with stitched wounds and a black pair of eerie eyes staring at you!

The terror doesn’t end there! There is plenty of darkness to go by with ghost costumes. We feature a scary goth collection for adults and kids to shop for. Find attires such as pirates, ninjas, Ghastly Ghoul, Beetlejuice, and Scream. You can go for the ghost bride costumes in white or black, with flowy veils and maxi gowns for Halloween parties and festivals. All you need to add is some dark make-up to pull off a creepy vibe. We also have dark, haunted skeleton attires to choose from, featuring dark-themed onesies and printed gowns to bring out the evil in every piece. 

If that’s not enough for you, gothic doll attires can also make a horrifying goth outfit. If you are a fan of movies like Anabelle and Insidious, you know that rag dolls and twisted teddy bears are the scariest things on earth. Make sure to dress in the creepiest doll garment and haunt people while they are awake. Goth and the dark go hand in hand; Halloween is a good season to show off your love for all things black. So whether you would like to be a dark doll or angel, terrorize people in their sleep as a dark clown, or stick to mysterious witches for October, feel free to explore our collection today.

There you have it, our collection of gothic costumes for men and women. RebelsMarket has a lot in store for anyone looking for a dark accent garment, whatever the occasion. Our wide collection will cater to your every need, whether you are shopping for inflatable onesies or full gowns. Choose from classy pieces like vampires to the spookiest monsters ever to exist. Grab your attire today and get ready for Halloween in style. Shop at RebelsMarket and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We also ship worldwide, so embrace the dark gothic side wherever you are!


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