Vampire Costumes

"I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow." Bela Lugosi. What might happen tomorrow is that you will be drained of all your blood! Experience one of a kind collection of vamp costumes for men, women, boys, and girls. Stand tall with costume outfits inspired by Dracula, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, and Underworld. Inspire fear this Halloween with spine-chilling, blood-curdling, and horrific attires that will unleash a terror never seen before. Join the multitude of bloodsuckers who showcase their strength and immortality. Step out in confidence like the great Nicklaus Mickelson as you go hunting for fresh blood to bring into your fold of nightwalkers using mind compulsion. Awesome right?

Vampires are creatures that feed on blood and spend their day in the dark except for those with daylight rings. These nightwalkers drink blood to survive and also as a means of pleasure. The supernatural creatures function differently from human beings given their undead qualities. One interesting fact that separates vamps from human beings is the fact that they don’t have a reflection. So even if you have surrounded yourself with a lot of mirrors this All Hallows Eve, nothing can keep you safe from these monsters. Did someone say monsters? Many people view these creatures like monsters and what better way to cause fear around your neighborhood than with a monster costume from our collection. Ladies, don’t be left behind this time, we have women’s vampire garments like the famous red or black long velvet coat that will raise people’s eyebrows and hair. For an absolute freak show, go for the red cause nothing quite says blood-like red!

Vamp attires to quench your blood thirst - does it seem a bit too much? Certainly not! Wearing a bloodsucker outfit won’t make you hungry for blood, would it? Not exactly, but isn’t what you want others to believe when you are dressed up? We have several supporting ideas to make your vampire costume look real. You can add some practical pranks with your vamp dress this Halloween and get the maximum fun out of it. Get elegant white-collar and horror bride vamp gowns to add to your sexy vamp wardrobe. Create a freak show with simple DIYs like ketchup or red poster paint of blood-red color to use on your face as you head out during the night. Sneak up on your friends, family, and neighbors as you trick or treat added with the bonus of seeing them scared.

 While most people will be shopping for horror cosplay attires like the Joker or ones inspired by Michael Myers, stand out with killer bloodsucker clothes from our collection. Pulling off a witch wizard costume can be tempting especially for the ladies but wait till you see our catalog of lamia attires. 

Don't let the guys have all the bloodthirsty fun this Halloween. Be something different, scary, bold, and more important powerful this October 31st. If Rosalie Hale from Twilight, Kathrine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries, and Drusilla have taught us anything, is that ladies too can cause havoc and fear. Shop for miss darkness attires, vampires Of Versailles gowns, and gothic vamp dresses to add spookiness to your day. If you want to look devilish and sexy at the same time, we have in our collection sexy bloodsucker costumes for ladies that come in lace and an added flair of pentagram prints. Respect is earned and we have a faster way to get it for you with our clothes. Dare to go against the powerful men in society like Rebekah Mickelson did with these clothes. There are numerous exciting costumes to try and we can’t wait for you to add as many options to your cart. 

Dracula, Viktor, Edward Cullen, Elijah Mickelson, Klaus Mickelson are all popular for one thing; they are some of the most feared vampires to walk the earth. Many at the mention of their names, tremble in fear. Want to be an underworld elder? You can with mens vamp costumes inspired by underworld themes. One phrase we probably heard one too many times in The Originals was ‘always and forever.’ Get yourself gothic attires from our collection that come in blood-stained prints which you can rock with your brother or friend and slay any army that tries to come for your family. Also get Halloween tank tops, vintage Dracula t-shirts as well as Nosferatu backpacks to carry extra blood from your hunt. Whether you are throwing a crazy Halloween party or chilling with your family while catching up on horror movies, one thing is for sure, you have to dress up.  

Do you want to be sinister as a family? Who is to say you can’t? Get Vamp family costumes from our collection. We have petrifying options for kids, toddlers, boys, and girls so that they too won’t miss in on the fun. Have you seen our vampirina and gothic vampiress attires for girls? I bet your sweet little girl would like to wear it. Get it for her now! Boys are not left behind! Shop for Transylvanian, Dracula, and fearsome jackets and hats to put the fun and eerie to their cosplay outfits. Your toddlers will look cuter rather than frightening with Count Dracula outfits. Of course, adults have plenty of options to choose from. Turn your home into a haunted house for a wonderful time together as a family. Let’s inspire your creativity with these 13 haunted house ideas guaranteed to scare

Before you head to check out, we have creepy accessories you can wear to complete your look. Getting vamp outfits is not enough, you need to make yourself look as real as possible. Shop for fake vamp teeth or fangs to give an impression that you are a blood-sucking creature that is to be feared. Spread some ketchup on your fangs and let it drip past your lips to create a horrific experience. If you purchase steampunk or gothic vampire costumes, you can consider a wig to tie down your look. You will also need paint to make your face a bit pale to make a distinction between you and human beings. The pale paint can also create the allusion that you have not had human blood in a long time and that anyone you come across should be frightened at your sight. Try out as many options as possible to make your cosplay, dress-up party, or Halloween truly memorable.

Get other unique options from our collection such as zombie cosplay clothes and skeleton costumes that you can buy for a friend or loved one this Halloween. Our outfits come at affordable prices so that you can add more products to your cart. Get unique vampire costumes from RebelsMarket today and let your inner bloodsucker come to life. When you shop with us for the first time, you get 10% OFF. Worldwide shipping is also available. Happy shopping!


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