Zombie Costumes

In the event of an apocalypse, where everywhere you go, the living dead are crawling out of their graves and mindlessly searching for flesh, are you going to beat the undead or join them? If you are hoping to be on the scary side and join the brain-eating squad, we have zombie costumes you might like to dress up in. Whether you want to be a rotting doctor, schoolgirl, or nurse, find the creepiest outfit you can get and terrorize the city with no mercy. Check out our Halloween outfit ideas inspired by fear; we have a wide selection of walking dead characters for kids and adults who are not afraid of eating brains or changing you into one!   

If you are a fan of tv series like The Walking Dead or scary movies like Resident Evil, and you don’t mind listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson one more time, you probably can’t live without the cosplay costume to be worn this Halloween. Zombie films are among the scariest must-see Halloween movies to ever feature on our screens today, with premieres of more series and video games being aired by the day. After excessive exposure to the living dead in the digital world, you’ll be fully aware of the right expressions and moves to make as you look for brains to eat. Flare up the atmosphere with scary sounds, peculiar walks, and a bit of acting, and you’ll rock the party.

Kid’s collection for your little ones:  

Boys and girls can’t get enough of these brain-eating living dead who haunt humans! Let your little ones become mini versions of these corpses with our selection of kids’ costumes! Take a cue from pop culture with our plants vs. zombies outfits or Minecraft, or make them scream with a yellow hazard costume fresh from the rotting section. You can amp up the gore factor with one of our spookiest looks, the exploding guts spandex suit. This skintight suit features the most grotesque rotting flesh imaginable, with the bloody guts exploding out of it. Even the most mature party guest will recoil when they catch just how scary the horror ensemble is.

The girls’ collection has spooky undead outfits like a cheerleader costume that’s ready to consume everyone in her path, including football players. With her tattered fear leader dress, withered pom-poms, and blood-spattered socks, she’s sure to invoke fear in anyone who encounters her. You can also find the eerie-looking schoolgirl outfit to cause fear as you mindlessly walk along the school hall.

We’ve also got official Disney Zombie costumes for girls so they can dress up as Zoey or Eliza and make being undead fashionable, or Zed for boys. If you are going for the ultimate scary, check out our clown collection for the undead clown that will rule the day at the circus. Whether you want to be a zombie princess, hunter, or doctor, these reanimated corpse outfits are detailed in all the best ways.

Adult’s costumes for a zombie outbreak:

Adults can be living dead too! Join the undead with our wide collection of blood-curdling horror movie costumes to wear at the party. Shop from full outfits to kits, along with gloves and a mask for a truly scary look. We also carry accessories and makeup kits, either of which can make you look your dead best.

The women’s collection offers various characters, from brides to pirates. Whether you want to haunt the church hallways in a dark-themed dress and black bouquet or sail the high seas looking dready and bloody, we have a range of options for you. Walk through the hospital chambers and scare the creeps out of your patients with the nurse outfit. For more options, check out our collection of ghost outfits that are perfect for creeping everyone at the party with your corpse attire. 

Shop at our men’s selection for scary monsters costumes and grotesque ogres. Explore our range of monsters to dress as, like the inflatable bloated zombie. We have various options to go for, like the tattered skeleton outfit that hasn't been seen outside in ages and rotten to the core ghost. You can shake things up and go for your favorite characters from Marvel, like Superman or Captain America! Even if you have a tough day at work, we have an ideal office look that would work for you.

Zombie costume ideas:

Living dead costumes won’t be difficult to pull off if you know how to apply make-up. You can wear anything you like, no matter how formal or informal it is, and apply makeup, turning yourself into a white base with dripping blood and flesh around the mouth area.

To make your ensemble look scarier, you’ll have to put some rotten flesh and blood on your clothing too. Mouthless bloody monster or revived corpse zombie masks will make your overall look scary enough to be worn to the Halloween party.

Try the same ideas on your kids too, to make them living dead. But your kids might not carry the makeup for a longer time. So for them, you can buy the kid's costume. A scary-looking face mask or gloves would be enough of the dress-up for the kids. The kids would be happy to wear this outfit to a Halloween party or a carnival.

Zombie apocalypse costume:

You can also get outfit ideas from the movie zombie apocalypse. Dress as a couple or family and have fun terrorizing the neighborhood as you trick or treat. With this costume idea, you’ll also be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones that you’ll be pairing with.

Make sure you practice walking and talking like a living dead; it will be super fun for your Halloween party. Be the best-dressed zombie and look like you are just from the grave with a full outfit. You can’t finalize your zombie costume outfit without looking at the options we have at RebelsMarket. So, visit our online store now and find your ideal outfit based on the suggestions we provided. Whether you want to be full or half-dead, check out our selection of blood-themed outfits and accessories. Shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase. We ship worldwide!


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