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Flapper Costumes

Flapper Costumes: If dressing like some movie character or your favorite superhero feels a bit old-fashioned for the costume parties, we present you with a unique style you can carry to a cosplay. And that is a Flapper costume. With just a few additions in the general dresses, you can get ready for the costume party in your flapper costume. You’ll likely find most of the elements of this dress in your wardrobe already. However, this dressing is more about the style that you would carry to make it look real.

Flapper Girl Costume – a unique way to dress for a costume party:

You can watch a few videos of the girls wearing the flapper girl costume, and you will know what we mean by the behavior change that you would need to complement this dressing style.

Flapper Dress Costume – Do not forget to carry the style:

In the flapper style, you can also find the flapper dress costume. Although the primary motive of creating these dresses was to add sophistication to the particular era of dressing, as we said earlier, the flapper style is not much about costume or dressing; it has more to do with the behavior. So, whether you choose the girl costume or the specific dress, you will need to put up an accent and the “likes/dislikes” to be a flapper queen.

1920s flapper costume – a century-old literally:

By wearing this dress, you can replicate the dressing of the era of 1920s. Today it would be a hundred-year-old dressing, literally. Pretty old style, isn’t it? It's one of the reasons that make it perfect to be worn at costume parties. Even at Halloween parties, you can get some great admiration for your dressing. But the competitive edge would come based on your behavior. So make sure to work on it.

Child flapper costume – a look of 1920s for the next century kid:

Rebels Market also offers child flapper costumes. You can dress your child in such a dress and tell them a bit about the flapper behavior to make them look perfect with this dressing. But keep this in mind, you might find your little one adopting this behavior a little too much. Have we mentioned, it is a bit annoying but addictive once you start carrying it? So, be sure to keep it to the costume party only.

If you haven’t found a flapper costume yet, you might want to visit the RebelsMarket store to find your favorite one. Explore it in a bit of detail and you’ll definitely find some fantastic flapper options for you and your kids.

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