Flapper Costumes

Do you want a ticket to the glamorous past? Flapper costumes are here once again to give you a peek into the smokey age of jazz! These elegant garments are one of the most danceable, photogenic, and dramatic historic Halloween collections guaranteed to take you back to the past in no time. Whether you're headed to a twenties party or getting glammed up for October 31st, a flapper dress will never disappoint, especially when you are going for a touch of fancy! So shop with us today and hop onto the never-ending glitz and glam train of the vintage era with our classic assortment. 

If dressing like some movie character or your favorite superhero feels a bit old-fashioned for themed parties, we present you with a unique collection of vintage costumes you can carry to a cosplay event. With just a few additions to the everyday dresses, you can get ready for the party in your women’s flapper Halloween costume with inspiration from the movie The Great Gatsby. This collection is more about the elegant style inspired by the roaring 20s.

The roaring 20s will forever be remembered as the decade of flappers, with icons such as Joan Crawford and Clara Bow, among others, who brought the era to a standstill. Elegant-looking ladies were dressed up for a night at a dance hall or in an illegal speakeasy, adorning the classic trends that we have grown to love. So what did the dancers wear? Free of the moral and physical constraints of the previous decades, these 20s flapper costumes were loose but glamorous. The era of jazz brought out the traditional knee-length and longer fringe, beading, and sequin disco outfits with rhinestones and accessories like feather headbands and pearl necklaces, creating a fun and feminine outfit. Then came the short and sexy dresses, which were in full style by 1925. For more tips, do check out our blog on everything you need to know about cosplay fashion to get an ideal garment for you to shine with at the party this Halloween.

Kids’ Costumes – a unique way to dress your little ones for a disco party

The kids’ flapper collection is a great staple to have in your little one’s dress-up wardrobe. Shop for a fancy mini that she can wear for trick or treating, and even on a cold Halloween night when paired with grandma's old fur coat from the seventies! The kids’ collection is sure to spark impromptu dance parties every time they come out of the closet, which is fun!

A little sparkle and fringe would look awesome at their first Halloween dance! If the look is perfect for your kiddo, why not check out our gogo girl collection today? We promise the sparkle and color is sure to be a hit. You can watch a few videos or seek out costume ideas of girls wearing retro outfits, and you will know what we mean by the behavior change that would need to complement this dressing style.

Flapper dress costume – Do not forget to carry the style

You can find a variety of dresses in the Burlesque collection for women. We feature one-pieces and full dresses that you can groove with at the party elegantly. Although the primary motive of creating these garments was to add sophistication to this particular era of dressing,  it has more to do with adopting the glamorous style. So, whether you choose a long or short dress, you will need to relive the century style like a queen.

1920s flapper costume

By wearing this outfit, you can replicate the dressing of the era of the 1920s. Today, it would be a hundred-year-old style. Pretty old, isn’t it? It's one of the reasons that makes it perfect to be worn at themed events. Even at Halloween parties, you can get some great admiration for pulling off a century-old look. But the competitive edge would come based on your glamor act. So make sure to work on it.

20s couple and family costume - have fun as a family

The roaring 20s was essentially fun, but there was a lot going on aside from the glitz and glamour; gangsters started to control cities, and organized crime rose. The Charleston swept the world; the Jazz Age brought in household names such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Stein. If you are wondering how to pair up with your partner or get the whole family involved, we have a collection of gangster costumes that will sum up the 20s style and be the next Bonnie and Clyde. Is there any Halloween outfit combo more thrilling, scintillating, or classic than this?

If you haven’t found a flapper costume for October 31st, visit RebelsMarket today and find your favorite one. We feature fancy outfits for adults and kids, from regular fit to plus size. Explore our collection in a bit of detail, and you’ll definitely find some fantastic options for you and your loved ones. As you decorate your Halloween party for a fun night or jazz and disco lights, remember to stay classy and bring out the best of the 20s style to the modern era with our assortment. Shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We ship worldwide! 


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