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The past is filled with epic tales of glory, beauty, and culture. With vintage costumes from RebelsMarket, you get the opportunity to recreate the best of what history has to offer at your Halloween party, cosplay event, or festival. While others explore the spooky and scary, you get to explore the powerful, the rich, and villains from the past. Our selection of cosplay costumes is rich with designs of high-quality materials with intricate details, ensuring authenticity and reliability. Stand out this All Hallow's Eve with these rich disguises as you rival those who spread fear with exciting characters from history.

Vintage Halloween costumes are marked by features that remind us of a classic style from the past. Whether it's the ancient past like during Cleopatra's reign or a moment closer to the present like the renaissance, there is a piece for you. We all have a soft spot for history as it shows us how far we've come, and the tales from the past show how people overcame tragedy, fought wars, claimed their freedom, and left their legacy. This selection allows you to ditch the tired Halloween looks and try exciting costumes instead. Not everything from the past is rosy. Can you imagine what it would have been like being born during the black death? Or what would it have been like to the destruction of Pompeii? Our selection of retro Halloween disguises spans the past few decades to ancient civilizations. So get your piece today to experience the highs and lows of humanity from our vintage fashion collection. 

Experience a classic and antique touch with vintage-style costumes. Our catalog ensures that there is something for you at an affordable budget that allows you to have a historical garment. As you keep checking for low-budget Halloween outfit ideas, read on to get better insights on the nature of these outfits and what you should look out for when buying online. 

Retro-style costumes are a remarkable way to change your appearance and make for a spectacle when you wear them. These outfits are a fun and creative way that allow people to explore fantasy and history. You could also spread fear and anguish by coming out as the brutal criminals and murderers of the past. For this reason, they are some of the unique Halloween costumes around. The genre offers items for couples, ensuring that you and your partner can spread the horror of the past together. Let out your creative spirit thrive as you use your imagination and the original ensembles on offer to have the most memorable experience.

Outstanding types of costumes that you should consider buying from our collection

There are many inspirations you can have when trying to create a historical character that suits you. It could be your favorite film like Pirates of the Caribbean or a famous inventor like Leonardo Da Vinci plucked from our vintage costumes for men. It could be an excellent character like Cleopatra or a ruler you admire like Queen Victoria, who spread the corners of the British empire with an iron fist, featured in our women's vintage costumes. Here are our favorite types of get-ups that you should have: 

Scary: Our top picks for scary characters that have a retro aspect to them have to be witches and wizards. These characters are timeless classics that have gone down in history. The most iconic characters for the vintage men's costumes have to be Merlin the Wizard from the time of King Arthur. Witches have also featured in history, with one of the most memorable being the Salam witch trials. Check out our collection of wizard and witches costumes to find epic garments that are excellent for couples. 

Medieval: The dark ages were a trying time to be in. Whether you are battling a disease, battling oppression from the rulers, or fleeing persecution from the church, the danger was all around. How bad does it have to be for a period to be dubbed 'dark'? Pretty bad. You, too, can help bring back the horrid nature of this time with these medieval outfits from the collection. Out of the tough times came heroes who were always relied upon to spread the king's power or the church's mission during the crusades. Knights have had a special place in history and are still looked up to today. Become a magnificent warrior of the darkest time in history with knight costumes today.

Renaissance: This was a period of history in Europe that saw the 'rebirth' of the economy, culture, politics, and art. Due to its impact on humanity, it has stirred the hearts and minds of people, causing them to relive some of the best times for the human race. Our collection has pieces for people of different social classes, including royals such as vintage gowns. There are also garments for maidens that come in brilliant colors like emerald green and dazzling blue. The designs on the dresses for maidens range from flair to lace up, each having a comfortable fit to it. For the men, there are shirts in the same designs as the women's vintage costumes, with the pants being more loose-fitting except for those that are lace-up. Check out our renaissance costumes to find a piece that would suit you. 

Steampunk: While this idea is more fiction than reality, the genre is based on the aesthetics of a time in the Victorian era. The Victorian era of Europe saw some dashing designs such as airship pants and velvet waistcoats that draw attention every time they are put on. The danger of this world is unique as people often use this technology to try and conquer each other. There are several steampunk costumes available that will give you the edge you need. Amongst these pieces are unique shoulder belts that look amazing when worn by both men and women. We also showcase brocade coats that are stunning and elegant at the same time. There are different ways of spreading fear and conquering the enemy; steampunk has got to be one of the unique ways out there, so get your outfit today to stand out during Halloween.

Pirates: When the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie dropped, people fell in love instantly with Jack Sparrow. These sea bandits have become a favorite for Halloween, and with good reason. They happened to be some of the most vicious characters around, stealing, killing, and taking women for their own. Who doesn't love treasure? Whether you are going to a cosplay party or out and about during Halloween, having a pirates costume is unique and dangerous. Dangerous because these crew members always spread death wherever they go, which is why their flag will always be a skull with crossing swords. Show the world that both men and women pirates can get it going while looking dangerous in their garments. 

To get the best out of your retro costume, one needs to accessorize for maximum effect—no need to worry. RebelsMarket also features Halloween accessories and props that are excellent for you. These props accentuate the garments from this collection and magnify the nature of your outfits to make them look more authentic. If you want to bring the magic alive during Halloween, go ahead and check out more of our skull jewelry to pick out those pieces that suit you. 

Allow your creativity to come alive with our extensive collection of adult retro outfits. No one is left out as our range of Halloween costumes suits different needs. Should you be looking for a way to get the most out of the festive season, check out tips to enjoy Halloween as an adult.

Whatever style of the past or character you want to create, our collection at RebelsMarket has what you need. Create fun looks with our selection of vintage pieces that you will enjoy experimenting with. Whatever corner of the world you are in, you are an order away from getting the perfect piece for your loved one or yourself to adorn during a festival, dress-up party, or Halloween trick-or-treating. Choose from horrific designs today and create memorable experiences. Get 10% OFF your first order today. We ship worldwide. Happy shopping!


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