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Steampunk Costumes

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Steampunk is a futuristic version of Victorian clothing, so you will also find great deals on Victorian costumes as well.

So which fashion essentials do you need for a full Steampunk costume?

For women, the costume usually consists of corsets, peasant blouses, ruffled skirts, goggles and top hats and Victorian boots. For men, stripes, suspenders, brocade, and also goggles are common.

. They are usually found in earthy tones, such as brown, beige or bronze, but of course, you can always go with good old black corsetHere’s how to build a typical ladies’ costume: Start with a steampunk or
other darker colors.

Best way to wear the corset is over a white ruffled blouse, to complement the romantic Victorian era. The difference is, Steampunk girls are not just romantic, they're also badass! Don't forget to add another essential to your costume - Steampunk accessories!

Fingerless lace gloves, Victorian top hats, goggles, vintage sunglasses, chokers, cuffs, brooches, wide belts and pocket watches are just some of them. Common designs are also gears, clocks, insects, keys, and cameos which can complement your costume well.

Of course, you also need a bottom for your costume - so choose from one of our gothic skirts! The skirts can go from very long, to trendy hi/low skirts, to extremely short. To fill the empty space you also need to buy some stockings or knee-high socks.

End your steampunk costume with some vintage boots and you're good to go! For every day, you can wear just some of the above-mentioned steampunk details, but if you’re looking for Halloween steampunk costumes - you can go all out!

Don’t forget -for steampunk costumes there are no rules, you can also add accessories such as telescopes, mechanical wings, umbrellas, revolvers, swords, or other weapons and machinery!

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How to Style Steampunk & Victorian costumes

Just like Steampunk costumes, Victorian costumes are an essential part of the gothic culture. Only this time, forget about Steampunk accessories such as guns, goggles, and mechanics, and focus on more traditional romantic elements of gothic fashion.

Also, unlike coppery colored Steampunk clothes, Victorian clothes are mostly black, with other dark elements such as red or purple, and rare accents of white. Other gothic Victorian essentials include materials such as rich velvet and brocade, vests, bloomers, military jackets, and stripes.

Just as with steampunk costumes, start with a corset, only this time - you guessed it - in black. For the Victorian look, a petticoat and an under blouse are a must since Victorian fashion is modest and classy but in a dramatic way. Again, you can't go wrong with a dark ruffled button up blouse.

Also, add a dark ruffled lace skirt, the longer the better, because remember - you are a lady! Now for the fun part - you can play with accessories (only, you know, avoid too much color).

Common Victorian fashion accessories include lace parasols, top hats, lace gloves, brooches, cameos, beads, and pearls.

You can also add some cute frilly knee-high socks under your skirt. The final item to add to your look are witchy Victorian lace-up boots, and you'll surely be one fair lady!

Victorian beauty is also an important part of the whole look, so don't forget to paint your face aristocratic white - the paler the better! Add dark eyeshadow and accentuate your lips with a dark lipstick such as burgundy, black or even purple.

For an extra touch of mystery and class, add a black mourning veil or a hat over your face! Now you're ready to step into the night and cast a magic spell wherever you go!