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Hippie Costumes

Hippies were the fashion maniacs of the sixties and seventies. Carrying fashion accessories were a part of the essentials of the fashion trend. Even now, you need the accessories to dress like a proper hippie.

You can get inspiration from the hippie costume ideas that we will share now and pretend to be a hippie for your next costume party. The hippie culture is quite famous. Most of the youngsters still look up to the era. It means that you can expect to have a blast with your friends. Let us see what ideas we have.

Hippie costume ideas – flared jeans, flowy tops, and headbands:

With these hippy costume ideas, you can dress well to rock the party. Flared jeans worn with a flowy top would be a nice pair that you can carry to be a hippie. Similarly, bell-bottom trousers and skirts would also prove to be a perfect choice.

Have you noticed that hippie costume ideas are comfortable to execute? They don’t want any extra-ordinary props that could make you feel uncomfortable or tight clothes will highlight obesity or other such body flaws. This costume style lets you be the way you are. And this is the reason for the success of hippie culture.

Besides, headbands would be enough to help you create your hairstyle. No extra effort is required to maintain a sophisticated hairstyle.

Hippie costume accessories – sunglasses, necklaces, and earrings:

As mentioned earlier, the hippie costume is incomplete without the hippie costume accessories. Sunglasses, earrings, and necklaces are widely used accessories. The accessories look better when it matches your dress color.

The good part of the hippie costume accessories is that they don’t need to be very expensive. This is the significant reason that the youth of the era started following this culture.

Adult hippie costume:

Although the hippie costume is famous among youngsters, mostly teens and sometimes kids, for a costume party, but you can carry the adult hippie costume to bring back the memories of that era. One suggestion here that you find anywhere else is that don’t forget to ask more about the adult hippie costume ideas from your parents or grandparents (depending upon your age), and you’ll find the best ones that aren’t available anywhere. Your elders would have lived the era. They know the culture from the inside.

Try this hack, and you’ll have some amazingly unique ideas for the costume party or carnival.

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