Gift Guide: Punky Presents

Gift Guide: Punky Presents

Are you looking for a gift that stands out and makes a statement? Punky presents are perfect for the fashion-forward, trendsetting person in your life. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or even a just-because occasion, you can find something unique and special that they'll love. From edgy apparel to bold jewelry, this guide will help you find the perfect punky present!

The punk movement is one of those underground scenes that continually hovers right at the edge of the fashion world, never quite fully integrated but appreciated for its rebellious nature and interesting aesthetic. With elements like spikes, studs, leather, plaid, Union Jacks, and combat boots, the look is varied and incorporates a lot of unique pieces. Never content with simplicity or what's trendy, it can be really tricky to find the right gift for a punk rocker. RebelsMarket is here to help, though, with this helpful gift guide and our special collection!

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Accessories are always an excellent idea for the punk rock friend. There is always a need to add that one more thing, one last piece to really finish off an outfit. In that vein, we suggest gifts like:

  • -Earrings, especially ones with unusual designs like skulls or weapons.
  • -Bracelets, like leather cuffs or spike bracelets, are always a good idea.
  • -Purses, especially skull bags or union jack purses.
  • -Scarves are always good for layering and can be found with punky designs.

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Punk rock clothing is very often personalized to set them apart from anything store bought. It can be tricky to find the right way to customize those jackets, though- but we have the answer! Try gifts like:

  • -Patches that suit their personal style- sarcastic comments and band patches are popular.
  • -Pins are useful to personalize lapels.
  • -A leather jacket is the perfect canvas for those who don't yet have this classic staple.

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Classic punk rock has several things that just have to be in the wardrobe- things like the classic leather biker jacket. These are items that are always welcome under the tree for punks:

  • -Combat boots, and they don't just come in black anymore!
  • -Sarcastic shirts are always a great gift for those with an offbeat sense of humor.
  • -Unique belt, like studded belts and bondage belts, are also great for those with a proclivity for punk.

For more awesome gift ideas, browse our special collection compiled just for the punk rockers out there!

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