How to Style Leather Leggings Like A Pro

How to Style Leather Leggings Like A Pro

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your wardrobe? Leather leggings are one of the trendiest pieces of clothing you can own, but styling them can be a challenge. If you want to know how to style leather leggings like a pro, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the tips and tricks you need to pull off the perfect leather leggings outfit.

You’re staring at the girl in the leather pants and thinking “How does she pull that off?” You automatically assume that you are someone who could never wear leather pants in a million years, but you actually can - along with anyone else.

You may think these pants are uncomfortable and difficult to style, but they are actually a must have item for winter to stay both comfortable and chic. If the girl at the coffee shop can wear them - you can too, right?

A slim brunette wears leather leggings with a band style cutoff t-shirt and high heels

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The best way to stay comfortable while wearing leather on your legs is with leather leggings. These secret treasures are often warm, soft, and surprisingly more flexible than anyone would expect from something with the title “leather.”

Leather leggings are the blissful blend of badass and chic, and manage to keep you nice and toasty during the colder months. These leggings are way warmer than any ordinary cotton leggings, and look a lot more put-together because they have the appearance of quality leather. Lets take a look at how you can incorporate leather leggings and pants into your everyday style.

Sophisticated For The Office

A model wears some chic leather leggings and a blazer for an edgy, professional office-wear style

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Contrary to popular belief, leather leggings are a striking and easy piece of clothing to add to your professional wardrobe. You can make leather pants look sophisticated, contrary to the idea held by many that they are more suited to a night out clubbing.

The key to making your leather-look pants office-appropriate is to pair them with a soft blouse and classy blazer. The blazer brings the traditional business attire vibe, but the leather in the pants gives an edgy, fashionable look that pairs well with the professional jacket. Not only is this a great way to look more fashion-forward, this type of outfit oozes confidence (which is always a plus when walking into a meeting or interview).

A model wears a mustard yellow sweater and chirt paired with leather leggings for an office casual outfit

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Another look that keeps it professional is leather leggings with a collared shirt and sweater overtop. This outfit is good for a more casual professional look, unlike the blazer which surely more formal. This outfit would be awesome for just a normal day at the office, while I would personally recommend the blazer for something like a meeting.

Casual for a Coffee Date

A girl walks down the street wearing a long tan waistcoat, leather leggings and sunglasses

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On the opposite end, leather leggings are perfect for something casual like grabbing a coffee or going to see a movie with your girlfriends. Even though you might normally opt for plain old cotton leggings, in the winter it can get cold, so leather is an excellent choice to stay warm. You can stay as comfortable as you would with regular leggings, but you’ll be as warm as you would with a pair of jeans or comfy sweatpants.

Your outfit will also have the 'rough' feel that leather grants, and you won’t lose your badass vibe like you can with a standard sweater and leggings. Some cool leather-look leggings with an oversized sweater is a perfect pairing for fall and winter fashion - but transitions well into spring as well! 

Balancing It All Out

A girl wearing an open checked shirt, a slogan t-shirt and leather-look leggings as part of a street casual style

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Whether you decide you want to be casual and relaxed, or sophisticated and professional - the key thing to remember is to aim for balance in your look. Note that leather pants and leggings bring a certain edge and 'roughness' to whatever you pair them with, so you may want to wear something soft with lighter colors to balance our the rough edges of your style.

A white or light pink t-shirt with a cardigan is one super pairing that softens the look of leather leggings, and brings a modern simplicity to the overall outfit. Opting for bright, fresh colors when it comes to the rest of your ensemble is good way to balance the 'hard' and 'soft' of your outfit, and still maintain a modern, edgy vibe.

A red haired woman wears a leather jacket and leather  leggings for an edgy street style

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Also, to bring softness to your outfits you should try mixing different textures of clothing. An oversized cardigan with a chunky knit is a great way to balance out the harshness of the leather. It’s also a fab way to stay comfortable and warm while still looking cute and trendsetting.

Everyone loves an oversized sweater in the colder months, and everyone loves feeling cozy while still looking fly. Because you were smart enough to mix in some different textures, your outfit will look like it took way more effort than it actually did, and everyone around you will be completely fooled into thinking that you did more than simply throw on a sweater and some leggings!

Effortlessly Stylish

A model wears sunglasses, a blue denim shirt and leather leggings

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To keep with the “I tried even though I didn’t try” look, wear a denim shirt or jacket with your leather pants. I have never in my life met anyone who didn’t like the look of some jeans and a leather jacket, and this styling is just taking that old-as-time idea and reversing it.

We all love denim, we all love leather, and we love it all together - so remember that trend when styling your leather leggings. By wearing a denim top and leather bottoms you are revising a classic, and bringing it to a modern era. This look isn’t exactly as soft as a sweater or light colored t-shirt, but it keeps a fresh, crisp aesthetic that's both dressed up, and a little casual. 

Just Black, Or Something More?

A girl wearing a black leather jacket, a grey sweater and some burgundy leather-look leggings

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You may be thinking that you only have one color option when it comes to leggings, especially when they're leather. But while having a staple black pair is important, they do come in many other colors, and even prints too. A popular color is burgundy red, which is a key color in anyone’s winter closet. 

This being said, having any color legging brings your look to a whole new level of unique. If you want to keep things a little more understated, however, choose earthy tones such as army green, brown or burgundy red. This way, it's easier to match your footwear with your leather pants without the fear of clashing black shoes with black bottoms.

Accessorizing The Look

A blonde woman wears a knitted scarf and cardigan with some black lether leggings and boots

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Shoes are a key factor in every outfit, but it can be troubling trying to match shoes with leather pants. Leather boots are automatically out of the question because hey, you already have a shit-ton of leather going on - and different leathers and faux-leathers can clash.

A good counter to this dilemma is suede booties. The fabric of the suede is soft and textured which counteracts the smooth leather. Suede booties allow a lot of variety as well, as they can be closed toed, opened, skinny or thick healed, and you can pick how tall or short they are. Booties are a great option because you can have a million of them and they will all look different.

A woman smiles, wearing a khaki jacket and leather leggings accessorized with a black purse

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And let's not forget about the outerwear

When it comes to jackets and coats to wear with leather pants or leggings, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want. You can even double-up the leather and go for a stunning leather jacket! Generally, you wouldn’t want to wear too much leather, but a leather jacket on top of leather leggings can look pretty badass. Any jacket is sure to look great with these pants because they are so versatile, but also have an edgy look to them that can brighten up any outfit.



Styling your leather leggings is easier than you think, and owning them can be a lot more useful than many people assume. These items can be a great staple piece, and can be worn however and wherever you want. Have fun rocking your leggings this season

How do you style leather pants? Let us know in the comments section below!


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