How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be a great way to add a stylish edge to any look. Whether you’re rocking a classic pair of Chelsea boots with a tailored suit or going for a more casual look with a pair of desert boots, ankle boots are a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe. But how do you style them? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to style men’s ankle boots to help you create a fashionable and stylish look.

Ankle boots are an absolute must-have for any man with a great sense of style. These versatile boots often reach the ankle or just above it. They are simple to pull off and will go very well with a large number of outfits. This makes them the perfect shoes for both casual and smart-casual looks. 

We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about men’s ankle boots, how to style them, what to wear with them, and what fashion mistakes to avoid! Read on, and you’ll be able to effortlessly complete any look you want to go for with them.

What Exactly Are Ankle Boots? 

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots
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It may seem like a silly question - but it’s important to define what an ankle boot actually is before attempting to explain how to style a pair. 

Are they boots that come up to the ankles? Are they boots that rest above the ankle, where an ankle sock might sit?  What length is an ankle sock anyway? 

Explained very basically - an ankle boot refers to a specific style of footwear where the top of the boot rests above the ankle, but below the widest point of the calf. This is an easy explanation, but please note that, as with all things fashion, it is also open to interpretation. 

Ankle boots are sometimes also known as Chelsea boots and date back to the Victorian era. They were invented by the queen’s official bootmaker at the time. These unisex shoes have no laces and feature an elastic rubber at the ankle. 

On the back, they have a heel and tab, which makes it easy to stay in control when you slide in them. 

Ankle boots are usually available in leather, suede, or faux versions of each:

  • Leather ankle boots: These are made of smooth, fine, aesthetic leather, giving you a very chic look that can be enhanced by your outfit on top. For formal occasions, you can wear ankle boots with a suit. Black ones will work best. They come in a variety of styles, allowing you to add even more sophistication to your overall look. For a smart-casual or business-casual look, go for brown leather ankle boots.

  • Suede ankle Boots: The texture of suede ankle boots makes them appear more casual than the leather ones. Because of this, they are more flexible and will go well with outfits that have a relaxed aura. Suede ankle boots can sometimes feel a bit underdressed, but they will pair well with most casual and smart-casual outfits. They come in black and brown shades. 

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

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Now that we’ve covered some of the basic terminologies, and touched on the different types of men’s ankle boots - it’s time to get down to business and impart some style advice. Ankle boots for men are a style staple; they’re versatile, smart, and stylish.

This means ankle boots are diverse and versatile - they pair perfectly with casual, smart casual, business casual, and evening looks with ease. You just need to know what outfits to pair them with.

That’s where our style guide will help. Read on for some serious fashion inspo.

Casual look

Instead of wearing sneakers as staple casual footwear, you can wear ankle boots for a stylishly casual look. Both leather and suede boots will give you this look, but the suedes will have an even more relaxed aura. 

Brown suede ankle boots provide a casual ambiance that is flexible and will pair well with other pieces in your wardrobe. For the weekend, complete your look with a white t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a denim overshirt.

Smart-casual look

Ankle boots go well with not only casual outfits but also with smart-casual ones. Their sleek appearance helps raise ordinary closet pieces to a more refined level. The right ankle boots will make your rollneck sweater, black jeans and a double-breasted coat look extremely suave. 

Both black and brown pairs will get the job done, although a black leather pair of ankle boots achieve a lustrous urban feel best. 

Business-casual look

Ankle boots are not just for the weekend, or after-hours. Their versatility allows them to be worn together with business-casual outfits. The only way to achieve this look, though, is to find the right balance. 

First, go or a leather pair for that touch of sophistication. Just don’t go for overly obvious or outlandish styles, because they can easily backfire on you by making you look overdressed.

Next, get a pair of Chinos, a nice button-down shirt and a blazer to keep things casual while also being appropriate for an office setting. A checked or diamond pattern on the shirt or blazer will complete that chic look.

Semi-formal look

Ankle boots are also great when going for semi-formal looks. They go well with suits and can be great alternatives for brogue shoes, Oxford shoes, and loafers.

Black and grey suits go well with black boots. This look feels formal with a steady match of colors. For navy blue or brown suits, go for black or brown ankle boots. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Ankle Boots

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

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Now that we’ve taken a look at men’s ankle boots in detail, as well as providing style inspiration for how to style an outfit around this versatile type of footwear - it’s important to look at the dos and don’ts. 


  • Make sure your pants fall just over the top of the ankle boots neatly and gracefully to give a smooth silhouette

  • Suede shoes are more prone to getting ruined by moisture, so you need to coat them with suede-protector to maintain their sharpness, even in wet and cold days


  • Never wear ankle boots with baggy trousers. Like all dress shoes, keep it skinny

  • Black is the best color for urban outfits, while brown gives a relaxed country vibe. Don’t switch these two up

So there we have it! Four different ways to style ankle boots, along with some of the things you should do when styling this type of footwear, as well as what you should most definitely avoid.

Have a styling tip for us? Maybe we missed out on a fashion faux pas that you think we should add? Reach out to us on social, and let us know.

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