Makeup Tutorials: Queenking Sfx Visual Kei Makeup

Makeup Tutorials: Queenking Sfx Visual Kei Makeup

Here at RebelsMarket, we've been lucky enough to partner with an amazing makeup artist, Cynthia Koning from QueenKingSFX, to bring you some video tutorials on how to get some crazy, beautiful, and scary makeup looks. This tutorial delves into the fascinating look of Japanese Visual Kei, a fashion trend pioneered by bands and a syle that is gaining popularity around the world. Similar to the Gothic Lolita style, this look is all about creating a stong visual character, and we love that Cynthia really nailed that! Check out her video below to learn how to achieve the Visual Kei look yourself.



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Planning to follow Cynthia's instructions for Visual Kei makeup? Post your pics in the comments!