Peace, Love, And Hippie Fashion

Peace, Love, And Hippie Fashion

The 1960s were a time of great social and cultural change. A powerful counterculture movement emerged, with hippies at its forefront. They rejected traditional values, embraced free love and peace, and adopted a unique style of dress—hippie fashion. In this article, we'll explore the history of hippie fashion and how it has evolved over the years.

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Initially stemming from the 1960s hippie movement as a peacefully rebellious form of self-expression, “boho fashion” of today is generally deemed more of a fashion statement versus an act of protest. Yet while some people view boho fashion as a mere trendy fashion choice, there are tons of others who believe that hippie-inspired fashion is still a powerful method for speaking out against the unjust chaos of the world. (Yes – American politics, acts of terrorism, and police brutality are current themes that continue to piss a lot of people off.)

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In the 60s, the American Feminist movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the Vietnam War affected the heads and hearts of young Americans differently. In dealing with what was actually happening in the world around them, teens and young adults turned to the sounds of rock for relief and peace. Enter outdoor rock music festivals! Originally conceived in the mid to late 60s, this type of event typically lasted a couple of days and was often held often in open areas, such as fairgrounds and parks, bringing together a certain type of energy that moved people into greater social and spiritual awareness. And the festival bonding over the various sounds of rock today continue to attract the peacemaking, boho beauties of the world! Here are multiple elements of 60s hippie fashion that remain just as popular among modern boho chicks:


Hippie Headwear

From floppy hats and wide-brimmed hats to bold-colored scarves and lace elasticated headbands, hippie headwear was a naturally stylish statement then…and it’s a naturally stylish statement now! Hats, scarves, and headbands always make for great accessories due to the fashion and function of each piece -- all of which should fit fine in a canvas messenger bag or an oversized tote. That way, should it rain at your next concert, guess who has all the music festival necessities to help hold her hair back and cover her head? (However, should the rain downpour a lá Woodstock in ’69, forget about it.)


Statements and Bell Bottoms


In the 60s, protest signs with strong messages were raised high and proud, and sometimes without even making a sound. The handwritten signs held by hippie activists spoke to both the people and the government, as they showed a young person’s attitude and stance regarding such hot topics like politics, race, and sexuality. In the 60s, bell bottoms were the rebellious type of jean to turn to during the times, and often worn with ethnic-printed blouses, loose cardigans, and other comfortable clothing. Today, a graphic tee or vintage tee and bell bottoms can take the boho girl to where she needs to go, all the while making a stylish, simple statement. (Styling your boyfriend's shirt and then creating your own message on it works too!) From protest signs in the 60s to graphic t-shirts in 2016, messages on display are ultimate forms of self-expression.


Ethnic Prints

Ethnic prints and bold patterns, such as tie-dye shirts and flowing maxi dresses,  epitomize 60s fashion! But the unique quality of authentic hippie fashion is not only in the final look; it’s also in the free-spirited approach to mixing interesting pieces together for a major statement of style and culture. Want to channel your inner Janis Joplin with a boldly printed backless summer dress? Overthinking your fashion choices, especially when you’re already praised for your effortless style is not needed when it comes to letting your boho beauty shine through. Accessories, such as gladiator sandals and leather wrap bracelets, will only add to your hippie spirit!


Fringe Fun

Bring on the fun with fringed outfits for summer  – another style that epitomizes 60s hippie fashion! No matter if it's a leather fringe, suede, or cotton, you’re immediately bringing attention to both your free-spirited and rebellious personality traits. The beauty of fringe is that you can have fun pairing it with non-fringe clothing, such as vintage-inspired dresses, as you wish! From super short denim shorts and knee-high boots to fringed handbags and ponchos, your options are vast. Fringed blouses and vests are also awesome pieces to consider working into your hippie-inspired wardrobe!


What do you love most about hippie fashion? Feel free to be open and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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