Tips For Styling Vintage Rock Tees

Tips For Styling Vintage Rock Tees

As long as there is music, the festival culture remains alive through vintage-inspired rock tees. These awesome rock, pop and metal tees for guys are destined to remain fashion must-haves. The rock graphic tee is not only insanely comfortable and looks awesome with practically any item of clothing, it allows you to demonstrate your adoration for – and do your bit to promote – your favorite bands.

I am a self confessed rock and metal t-shirt junkie. I have two entire drawers in my closet dedicated to rock and metal concert tees.

I have 2 specific rules regarding my own collection;

a) I can only  wear the tee shirt from a band if I've seen them play live.

b) I can only purchase legitimate merchandise that helps the band make a living.

Even with my strict rules, I've managed to cultivate quite a collection. And with so many different sizes and styles, I've got a few tips on how to wear your metal and rock vintage tee shirts.

1. Size Doesn't Matter

One thing I've learnt over the years – if the merchandise stand doesn't have your size (personally being a small, my size usually sells out FAST), get one, two, or even three sizes larger. Whether your rock t-shirt is baggy or tight, you can still create a great outfit, and you can always alter a larger loose fitting tee.

2. Dress to Distress

Rock band tees for women are designed to be casual and comfortable – perfect for the concert environment. Why not play with that concept and dress your band tee shirt up with a tuxedo jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of killer heels! The more extreme and edgy, the better.

3. Spikes & Studs

There's a reason rocker fashion comes back season after season. It is a timeless style that can be dressed up or down. Spikes, studs, leather, fur and denim are always a winning combination on your vintage tee. Pair your band tee with a spiked or studded belt, skull handbags, cuffs and a killer leather jacket. 

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4. Tear It Up

Often when you buy rock band tees, they are too big, too small, or made in very unflattering shapes. Instead of throwing your new tee away, have a go at altering it to create your own signature style. I alter many of my own tees by cutting out the front and back designs and reusing the other sections of the shirt to create a more fitted, scoop-neck top.

Many people cut holes and slits into their band tees and show off a little skin. I think this is a great idea! Then accessorize with jewelry of your choice. 

For the ladies finish the look with some smoky makeup, and get ready to break some hearts.

Know the Band

A little tip: if you wear a band tee shirt out and about, it is a visible signal that you're a fan of the band. Often, other fans will spy your shirt and come up to you to chat about the band. It's very exciting when you're a fan to see another fan wearing a band tee shirt – especially if it's a more obscure rock band not too many people have heard of.

So don't be the person who chooses band tee shirts just because you like the design or the band is really "in" right now. To dedicated music fans like me, band tee shirts have nothing to do with fashion – they're about supporting the music you love.

If you want the vintage punk rock look without the association of a particular band, then check out some of the wicked printed tees around – there is tons of badass artwork out there to choose from!

How do you wear your vintage rock tees? What's your favorite t-shirt in your collection?