How to Choose A Gothic Prom Dress

How to Choose A Gothic Prom Dress

School proms are an exciting time for teens, both for the chance to dress up and dance the night away! But choosing the right outfit can be a challenge. What do you wear to make a statement while still feeling comfortable and confident? We've got all the tips you need to make sure you look and feel your best on your special night. Read on for our guide to finding the perfect prom look!

Dear Team Rebel

Prom is coming up, but all the pictures in the magazines are of girls in these poufy pink monstrosities! How do I find a prom outfit that matches my personality (I'm Goth) but still fits the formal dress code?


This is a great question to kick off the first of our Rebel Advice columns. Prom is one of the highlights of your high school calendar, and the perfect chance to show off your unique style (especially if you happen to wear a school uniform). Fortunately, the gothic style lends itself well to prom attire, as there are lots of elegant formal skirts and dresses, victorian-inspired corsetry, and decadent, dramatic jewelry.

Luckily, Rebels Market is a great place to shop for your gothic prom dress and accessories. Here are some of our top tips for dressing for prom, as well as some ideas from our RebelsMarket sellers.

Why not begin with this stunning gothic princess lace dress, from Alchemist's Emporium? Made of black satin and lace, this dress features adjustable straps and a fitted corset top decorated with chiffon lace and roses.

gothic prom dress

Or if you're more rockabilly than princess, try this stunning restyle pin up dress in plum, also from Alchemist's Emporium. Made of satin, with layers of tulle underneath, this lovely full skirt catches the light and gives lots of foof when you dance.

gothic prom dress

A great tip if you're on a budget is to choose a corset top and skirt combination instead of a formal dress. You can then mix and match these pieces with other outfits in future, for a more versatile wardrobe. If you like to mix elements of steampunk with your gothic style, you could try this 3-way tiered skirt from Lady K's Ltd, paired with one of SCT's fabulous corsets, like this steampunk latch faux-leather corset.

gothic steampunk prom skirt

When choosing the dress, think about the types and styles of dresses you already own – what suits your figure and personality? Fitted corset-style tops flatter almost any shape, and a-line skirts, bustles, and layers of fabric can hide any areas you feel sensitive about. A figure-hugging fishtail skirt will give you a real Morticia Addams look, and you can show off your legs with a tea-length or bustled cabaret-style skirt. Wearing a jacket, cape or stole will cover your arms if you get cold.

Don't feel you're limited to only black. Gothic prom dresses can be red, purple, blue, gold and any other color you want. It's the style, drama and accessories that can transform an outfit into a gothic masterpiece.

For prom jewelry, look for big, dramatic pieces in a shape to match the neckline of your dress. Necklaces and earrings are the standard pieces, but you could also choose matching bracelets, rings or harnesses. Pair your dress with a beautiful and dramatic choker, also from Alchemist's Emporium. I love these Dark Desires Victorian Gothic chokers or this burlesque Victorian beaded choker.

gothic choker

For the finishing touches, choose a pair of killer pumps, and a funky evening bag to carry your phone, wallet, and other accessories in. Inked Boutique has a great range of Too Fast purses, including this cool Bride of Souxie wallet. And these wicked metal trim high heels from SCT will make a bold statement on the dance floor. If you don't often wear heels, make sure you purchase a pair in plenty of time and wear them in before prom night, otherwise you'll spend the whole evening limping around the dance floor!

With your dress and accessories sorted, all you have to worry about is finding the perfect prom date!

What are you wearing for prom night? Share your gothic and alternative prom inspiration here!


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