Steal the Look: Johnny Depp

Steal the Look: Johnny Depp


Ah, Johnny Depp. Whether you follow his films or not, there's no denying that he's definitely been a style icon for years. Keep reading for inspiration on how we would put together Johnny Depp inspired outfits- that fit both men and women- for any mood you're in. 



Rugged Artsy Style

For a creative vibe, simply wear a pair of rocker style jeans and a distressed t- shirt. Wearing a graphic tee is a great alternative to add some more visual interest to this simple look. These outfit essentials will keep you comfy all day and are perfect for a casual outing. The accessories are the key for this outfit: sport one of Johnny Depp's signature scarves or switch it up by wearing a bandana as a scarf instead. Pop on a pair of aviator or wayfarer style glasses to add a touch of sophistication and intelligence to your look. 

Exhibit A:



Rebel Rocker Style

Another simple look that is easy to pull off is this rock n' roll meets goth style. Keep it easy by wearing a plain white tee and a black leather jacket with ripped jeans. For the guys: try a messy slicked back hairstyle to nail Johnny Depp's authentic look. For the girls: go for a sleek ponytail to keep your look easy and chic. If you want a more feminine take on this look, substitute a white corset top in place of the white tee. For a minimalistic style, add studded leather bracelets to accessorize. If you want some more bling, wear a skull ring to add a gothic flair and complete your outfit.

Exhibit B: Outfit goals, am I right?

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Simple and Sophisticated Style

This outfit is perfect for a special occasion or really any day you just feel like dressing up! To keep this look uncomplicated and cohesive, wear a matching suit vest and pants. Simply layer a button up shirt underneath the vest and accessorize with a bold watch, flat brimmed fedora, a skull print tie, and bracelets. For the ladies: you can substitute a cute goth skirt in place of the dress pants for a more feminine look. Add a unique chain to your vest (like Johnny does) for a gothic twist. Finish up this look by wearing a gothic suit jacket! Remember details like heavy metal cufflinks to keep this outfit individual and unique.

If you want a more casual sophisticated look, try wearing a leather or denim vest over a button up shirt with dark wash jeans






Which of these styles is your favorite? Do you like Johnny Depp's personal style? Let us know in the comments below!


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