Steal The Look Of Gypsy Rose Lee

Steal The Look Of Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee was an iconic burlesque entertainer and actress who captivated audiences with her performances. She was also known for her signature style that included a combination of vintage pieces, flamboyant accessories, and bold makeup. If you want to recreate her look, this article will give you the tips and tricks you need. From vintage-inspired dresses to statement jewelry, we'll show you how to channel the glamorous style of Gypsy Rose Lee.

Gypsy Rose Lee - steal the look!


Ode to the beauty of burlesque fashion! The styles of burlesque dancers – over several decades – has been a major source of inspiration for pinup darlings and vintage lovers everywhere. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee: the American burlesque dancer who was known for bringing a unique sense of suspense to the striptease. Lee is not only famous for performances that consisted of slow movements and discreetly placed props, she was also an actress, author, playwright (Gypsy), and an incredible trendsetter. The fashion that we see in the following images is ultra-feminine, rebellious, and burlesque-based. Whether you’re looking for style inspiration from a woman like Lee or you're a February baby and want to start incorporating hints of color associated with your birth sign, the time to explore classic styles is always now. 


Flaunt A Shoulder-Baring Black Dress


Gypsy Rose Lee inspires burlesque fashion!


Should you be feeling extra sultry, wouldn’t it be great to have a sexy black dress to turn to (one that you can slowly put on and slowly take off)? Try an off-the-shoulder style with lovely lingerie underneath and a show-stopping heel! Black is a surefire symbol of sexiness, power, and attitude, so should you wish to add in color and prints to your little black dress, be sure to keep it simple and strategic so that all eyes remain focused on what they should be focused on. That said, enjoy exploring different cuts and fabric until you find one that makes you feel ultra-sexy and meets your personal level of comfort and confidence.  


Make A Bold Floral Statement


Steal the look of Gypsy Rose Lee!

Try wearing a bold floral statement with a lot of black! This makes for a femininely cool outfit. When worn with black skin-tight leggings and heels, your bold floral statement will be the outfit’s focus. You can also wear a bold, floral jacket with denim shorts and boots for a music festival! A common misconception about floral-print fashion is that it is such a statement piece that it can ‘t be worn more than one way. Not true – it’s definitely a versatile item! The long coat featured here, on Lee, is super-gorgeous; however, shorter jackets and kimono inspired layers are much practical for the common fashionista. For ultra-sexiness, try a corset or a lace blouse under a floral-print jacket. And as the night goes on, if you’re not digging the jacket anymore or you get too warm and want to take it off, you still have a hot outfit underneath!  


Get Fancy and Flirty In Fur


Gypsy Rose Lee inspires glamorous faux fashion!


Whether it’s real fur or fabulously faux, there’s just something so fancy and flirty about a woman wearing a fur coat! It’s that clothing item that gives off an ultra-glam, Old Hollywood vibe. This piece of outerwear is also quite versatile, as it can be worn with a casual outfit or an ultra-fancy ensemble, depending whether you’re going for an uptown or downtown look – or both! It also crosses over subcultures and commands respect when styled into a badass outfit. Many pinup darlings, goth girls, and punk rock chicks own a fur coat – or faux fur coat – simply due to its drama. To add extra style to your coat (which also looks beautiful when worn over a burlesque corset), steal Lee’s look and wear it with a fashionable hat! 


Boss Up In Black And White Stripes


Burlesque fashion takes a cue from Gypsy Rose Lee!


Theatrical black-and-white patterns automatically exude confidence and power…especially when an air of sexy mystique is prevalent. In true burlesque fashion, Lee proves the beauty of bossing up and making a major, sexy fashion statement in a two-toned outfit. Are you digging this style? There are several ways you can explore this particular look of Lee’s! A bouncy skirt, wide-leg pants, and a sexy dress are awesome clothing items that may be perfect for the rebel in you.


Does Gypsy Rose Lee inspire your personal style? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on burlesque fashion!


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