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4 Steps On How to Wear A Corset And Look Amazing!

4 Steps On How to Wear A Corset And Look Amazing!

A sexy corset top or bustier top, when worn correctly, is an elegant and beautiful addition to many outfits. Accentuating curves and womanly charms, they seem like a daunting prospect but can actually be quite comfortable when you get the basics down. Versatile enough to be worn under t-shirts and glamorous enough for a wedding day, the secret lies in knowing how to rock the right one for you.

Corsets for fashion and beauty

1. Find the right one

First and foremost, you need to find the right corset for you.We're talking about style here- if you like to wear bright colors but end up with a black corset, something has gotten off-track! So the first consideration in the search is to determine what style of corset would suit you best.

There are two main styles, overbust and underbust. An overbust corset covers the chest, and is better for those with a small to medium bust. Well-endowed women tend to have difficulty finding overbust corsets that will accomodate them in a flattering way (unless they get one custom-made), and the lift provided creates great cleavage for those with smaller chests. If you're looking for an extremely accentuated waist or are more curvaceous, an underbust corset can be ideal. They fall just below the bustline, and cinch in all the soft parts under the ribcage. I also find this style to be a little more versatile as far as putting together outfits, but that's simply a personal decision. Evaluate what you might want to pair the corset with and plan accordingly.

Color and material is the next step. It's best to pick a neutral corset for your first one- black is always a go-to in my closet. There's always something that will go with black! It's also important to find a material you are happy with- satins and brocades are a good jumping off point, but if you like a more extreme, eye-catching look, by all means- go for the vinyl or leather! It's all about what you're comfortable with. And don't worry- where there's one corset, there will usually be more. You can always add to your collection!

Underbust corsets and lacing

2. Get the right fit

Corsets, at least the good steel-boned kind, don't usually come in the standard sizes of small, medium, and large. They run by waist measurement, so you'll want to take your natural waist measurement and subtract 2 to 4 inches. Corsets are meant to stay open a bit in the back so if you can easily close yours all the way, you will want to go down a size! Remember that it should be tight, but you should still be able to breathe (although yawning in a corset is certainly an unusual feeling, as the diaphragm cannot expand as far as normal, making the intake of air for a yawn nigh impossible).

Lay out your corsets!

3. Plan your outfit

There's nothing quite like knowing you have the perfect outfit. This does, however, take a bit of planning, and you'll need to lay out your outfit in full before you even start to get dressed. I've found this out the hard way repeatedly, and have become a strict adherent of the rules:

-In almost every occasion, the corset is the VERY last thing you put on.

-Seriously. Go put your face on, do your hair, put on your shoes- everything else comes first!

-The only exception is if you are wearing your corset under your clothing- say, under a dress. In that case, put on everything except the articles to be worn over the corset, yes, including shoes.

Don't forget that if you are wearing your cincher as a foundation piece, you do need to wear a camisole or other light garment between it and your skin. These things are tight, and can rub sometimes- plus, a cami will keep your corset cleaner longer.

Lacing your corset properly is vital

4. Lace it right

This isn't like lacing up a tennis shoe, so you'll need to check that the lacing is done properly. The most common way involves lacing bottom to top, with the tie for the laces being at the smallest point of the waist. To really cinch you down, the top loop of the bow should tighten the bottom of the corset, and the bottom loops should tighten the top. There are other ways to lace up as well, and you may need to change the setup if, say, you're wearing the cincher under a dress so the knot won't show.  Whichever way you tighten up, proper lacing will ensure your corset stays snug and looking amazing.

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