Steal The Look: Stranger Things

Steal The Look: Stranger Things

Welcome to the world of Stranger Things! Whether you're a fan of the show or just want to channel the '80s vibes, you can easily steal the look of the Stranger Things characters. From Eleven's signature style to Dustin's classic wardrobe, keep reading to find out how to recreate the Stranger Things look.

Let's start out with saying that watching Stranger Things on Netflix within a 2 day span was one of my better life choices. If you haven't watched it yet, you need to. Seriously. Now. (There may be spoilers in this article- just warning ya.)

Moving on to the fashion aspect of the show, it's based in the 80's, which translates as a combination of both really good and really bad clothing statements. In most episodes, you're left to wonder, "What the hell does Barb think she's wearing?" Well, it's about time that we take all of the good fashion ideas offered by some of your favorite characters and make them into awesome, 80's inspired outfits just in time to go back to school.



80s Retro Fashion - Learn how to dress like Nancy from Stranger Things.
Pop Sugar


If your personal style is preppy punk, Nancy is your style go- to. In most episodes, Nance is seen wearing stripes, sweaters, and button downs for a cute and casual look. That is until she breaks out her fur-lined jacket for combating whatever creatures came from the Upside Down.

For a preppy fall style with a little bit of the edge that Nancy has, go for a classic button down flannel paired with a feminine skater skirt. If you're not into skirts, opt for high waisted skinny jeans with a cropped sweater for comfort. Nab an easy messenger bag like Nancy for the perfect school bag to tote around your notebooks, laptop, and traps to catch monsters.




80s Retro Fashion - Learn how to dress like Barb from Stranger Things.

The Ringer

Barb is my girl, and yes, I'm still bitter about what happened to her on the show. If her Victorian ruffle blouses and mom jeans don't scream awkward 80's style to you, I'm not sure what does. In a way, Barb's eclectic fashion sense is both humorous and insanely cool. 

Pull off Barb's vintage- inspired look with a modern update by wearing boyfriend jeans and a button down shirt with details like ruffles, embellishments, and embroidery. You can dress this look up with ankle booties or down with casual oxfords for an outfit that's great for anything from school to a throwback-themed office party.




80s Retro Fashion - Learn how to dress like Steve from Stranger Things.

Hunt The Show


Everyone pretty much hated Steve throughout most of the show, but you have to admit his fashion sense wasn't as off as his choice of friends. For starters, you'll want to keep a comb on you at all times to achieve the voluminous flippy hairstyle Steve is always sporting. Similarly to his love interest (Nancy), Steve's style is preppy with lots of stripes, polo shirts, and minimal accessories consisting of just his leather cuff watch. When in doubt, just dress like a rich prep school boy and you've nailed his look perfectly. 



80s Retro Fashion - Learn how to dress like Jonathan from Stranger Things.

Dork Shelf


Let's just say that if this show took place in present day, Jonathan would be a barista at a local coffee shop in Brooklyn. He's pretty much the hipster ahead of his time; sporting layered tees, flannels, and cool jackets throughout each episode.

Steal Jonathan's look just in time for that chilly fall weather with dark denim skinny jeans, your favorite t-shirt, and a cozy button down with combat boots.



80s Retro Fashion - Learn how to dress like Eleven from Stranger Things.




Granted, Eleven wears this outfit in pretty much every single episode when she's not wearing a hospital gown. But, hello?! She's awesome, so who cares. Go grunge in Eleven's look with a cute babydoll dress and an oversized jacket to complete the look. Layer leggings or tights under your dress to accommodate for the weather, and you're ready for any season. 


Which character's style do you like the most? How'd you like the series, Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below!


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